How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing (Step by Step Guide)

So, you want to make money with Affiliate Marketing but don’t know where to begin? Let me guess…you have been consuming videos and articles trying to get started but you just keep getting more and more confused?

I see you…I’ve been there.

When I first got into Affiliate Marketing I just wanted someone to tell me “these are the exact steps you need to follow to make this amount of money by the end of the month”.

That would be nice, wouldn’t it? But for better or worse, affiliate marketing is like any other business where there are many methods you can follow to succeed and only you can choose which one is best for your goals and skills.

This means that at the same time means there are several pieces you need to understand and master to make sure you don’t end up wasting time and money like lots of newbies.

But don’t worry, I have made the mistakes and the learning for you and in this article, I will share everything I wish I would have known at the beginning of my journey.

In this article you will learn:

  • The mistake most beginners make and how to avoid it.
  • How to choose the 3 key pieces of your affiliate business for success.
  • How to master both the short and the long-term plan.

Let’s begin!

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Before we get started with our money plan, let’s take a quick look at who are the key “players” in Affiliate Marketing:

  • Merchants: These are the brands and companies that offer affiliate products that you can promote.
  • Affiliate Program: This is the official program with its rules, agreements, and commission which you’ll need to apply to be able to promote a certain offer. Affiliate Programs can be run by the companies themselves or by Affiliate Networks.
  • Affiliate Networks: Are companies that act as intermediaries between affiliates and merchants. They help merchants manage their affiliate programs and get in front of affiliates. On the other side, they help affiliates get access to more programs with just one application and to make sure their commissions are paid fairly and timely.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

The premise of Affiliate Marketing is simple: an affiliate earns a commission for promoting another person or company’s products.

To do this the process goes as follow:

  1. The affiliate choose what products or service they want to promote
  2. They apply to join the affiliate program.
  3. If accepted the affiliate receives a unique link called ‘affiliate link’ which is used to track his/her referrals.
  4. When someone that clicked his/her affiliate links makes a purchase, they receive a commission.

As you can see, the process is pretty straightforward however new affiliates can get stuck on how to promote the offers.

You’ll know exactly how when are done with this article but first let’s take a look at the benefits of affiliate marketing so you can be certain you are on the right track.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing to Make Money

As someone who has always pursued financial (and geographical) freedom, I have tried a few different models to make money online including Amazon FBA and dropshipping and I ultimately decided to drop the rest and focus on affiliate marketing.

While you can make money with any business model, I am going to share some of the benefits of Affiliate Marketing and why I think it is one of the best ways to build up your income.

1. Low to zero investment

Affiliate Marketing is one of the cheapest ways to start an online business. You don’t need to buy inventory or even create your own products. You can get started using 100% free method like social media or if you want to use a blog or website, you can make it for $100-$200.

2. Easy to scale

In a similar way, since you don’t need to pay for inventory, you don’t need to deal with running out of stock and can grow your income easily. If you have already mastered one platform, you can increase your profits by adding a new one or promoting new products to the same audience.

3. Low risk

While there is always some risk associated with every business, affiliate marketing has very little risk associated with it. You don’t need to bet on any product, shipping, or even ads if you don’t want to.

Additionally, if one offer turns out not to be as good as you thought, you can easily pivot and promote a different one. You can start with organic free methods and once you are making money you can start using ads and multiply your income. (I’ll explain more about this in the next section).

4. Passive Income Methods

One of my favorite things about affiliate marketing is that you can use lots of different methods to promote your offers and some of them can help you create truly passive income.

If you create a passive source of traffic like a Youtube channel, a blog, or an email list you can get commissions on autopilot for months or years after you build them.

5. Anybody can do it

Every affiliate marketer I know started from scratch and doesn’t have any special knowledge or advantage. All that is required is that you stay consistent and treat it like you’d treat any other business.

Follow the steps below and you will be on track to start making money as an affiliate!

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Now that we have the technical aspects clear, let’s get started with how to actually make money with Affiliate Marketing.

When I first started my own journey I saw a lot of advice saying “You need to choose ONE niche, ONE offer, and ONE method”. This is actually good advice but it can also be the hardest part for a beginner.

A little research will show you people doing well in different niches and methods so it can be tempting to want to try a few different things and see what ‘sticks’. This is a recipe for disaster.

Affiliate marketing, like any other business, requires focus and consistency. If you try to do a little bit of everything you will ned up tired and overwhelmed before seeing any results and end up quitting.

But don’t worry, the following guide will give you the key information you need to choose your niche, offer, and method confidently so you can concentrate and get the results you want.

1. Choosing your Niche

I’ve been talking about the importance of being laser-focused when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing and that begins with choosing your niche correctly.

While it is technically possible to make money in almost every niche, there are some essential factors to consider to make sure you can actually succeed in the niche you choose.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects to consider:

There are profitable and proven affiliate programs in the niche

Before even wondering if you are passionate or knowledgeable enough about a certain niche, you want to determine if there are good affiliate programs that you can promote successfully.

I’ll be going into more detail into how to choose your first affiliate product in the next section but it is important that when you are first considering a niche, you do some general research to learn about the existing offers.

Check out what bloggers and Youtubers in that niche are promoting, do a quick google search for ‘niche+ affiliate programs” or go into some Facebook groups for affiliates and ask if they know of good programs in that niche.

If you find there are at least a few good offers, good, you can continue with the next step. Otherwise, even if there’s a lot of interest around the niche and not too much competition, without some good affiliate offers, it’ll be literally impossible to make any money via affiliate marketing.

There is enough interest on it

This aspect goes hand in hand with the previous one. If there are some interesting affiliate programs to promote, the chances are that there is also a significant demand for them.

But still, making sure there is a market of potential buyers will help you confirm that you are on the right track to choosing a profitable niche.

You can check the niche popularity by using the free Chrome extension Ubersuggest and doing a search for the main topic.

how to make money with affiliate marketing

If the main topic or keyword has at least 100K monthly searches, you can be confident that there is enough interest in the niche.

You are either passionate or interested about it

If you want to make some money with Affiliate Marketing, you need to know the audience you’ll be targeting.

Some methods like content creation (blogging and Youtube-ing) require you to be more knowledgeable on the topic so you can share your expertise and become a niche authority.

For other methods like paid ads, you don’t need to be an expert but you do need to have some basic knowledge. In order to create attractive ads that connect with the audience, you need to understand their problems, needs, and even subtle things like codes and references they use.

Do not choose a niche just because someone guru seems to be making lots of money with it. Choosing a niche you are familiar with will give you a competitive advantage allowing you to connect with your audience easily and speak from your own experience.

It has evergreen potential

An evergreen niche is one that is going to be around for a good time and is relevant year-round. If you are going to invest your time and effort into learning about your audience, creating content, etc. you want your assets to be useful and valuable for the long run.

Using Google trends, below are some examples of how interest for different niches fluctuates over time.

An evergreen niche will look some like this example of real state. There are some natural ups and down but overall it remains consistent.

how to make money with affiliate marketing

Some seasonal niches like sports and hobbies will have some variation along the year which will result in low and high months but they can still be profitable if you are prepared for it.

how to make money with affiliate marketing

On the other hand, trendy niches like the example for a fad diet below, look something like this. While some people will try to ride the wave while it lasts, I don’t think it is worth it since then you’ll need to pivot your entire business or start from scratch.

how to make money with affiliate marketing

Competition and niching down

Should you be worried about too much competition?… Is there such a thing as a ‘saturated’ niche?

Yes and no. Competition is where profitable markets are so you shouldn’t stay away from it.

On the other hand, as a beginner, you will have a hard time if you try to go into a broad niche and compete against established brands and big budgets.

Which is why you want to ‘niche-down’, and then niche down a little bit more.

For example:

  • Weight loss X
    Women’s weight loss X
    New mom’s weight loss
  • Personal Finance X
    Paying off debt X
    Paying off debt for students

The 3 big winners

If you are still struggling to decide on your niche, these 3 broad topics are known for always being a good starting point.

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Wealth

These are basic needs and interests for humans so there’ll always be a demand for them. Start with one of them and go over the previous steps mentioned until you find your perfect profitable niche.

Now let’s move on to our next point: choosing your affiliate offer(s).

2. Choosing your affiliate offers

After you have decided what niche you will focus on, it’s time to find the best affiliate offers that will help you make money and kickstart your journey.

As you grow your experience as an affiliate and have a steady flow of profits, you will be able to test new offers without much risk but as a beginner, you want to set up yourself for success and choose an offer that’ll facilitate that for you.

So let’s take a look at some of the factors you want your first affiliate offer to have:

It is proven to convert

Part of your job and skills as an affiliate is to pre-frame potential customers so when they visit the merchant’s sale page, they have a higher probabiltiy to purchase.

However, you don’t have control over what happens after that so you want to make sure the affiliate offer is converting (selling) before investing your time and resources in sending them traffic.

While you can’t know 100% how well an offer is selling without testing it, here are some indicators that it is working for other affiliates:

  • You see the same person (blogger, YouTuber, influencer, etc.) promoting the same product for a long time. They wouldn’t do it if it were not working.
  • After you visit the merchant’s page, you start seeing their ads on social media. This means they have a retargeting system in place that helps to improve conversion rates.
  • They have a sales funnels in place. When you go to their website they have methods for capturing your email and following up with those who didn’t purchase on their first visit.
  • Some affiliate networks will also provide information like what is the average EPC (earning per click) other affiliates are getting which can help you determine how much could you pay if you were to run ads.

Mid to high-ticket offers

Affiliate commissions can go from 0.10 cents to thousands of dollars and each type of offer has its own benefits and withdrawals.

With low ticket offers and commissions such as Amazon or other retailers, purchases are more impulsive and you don’t need to do a lot of convincing or following up. However, you need a lot of sales to make a decent income.

On the other hand, with mid and high-ticket offers, customers need more information and certainty. In this case, it is important to follow up with them to gain their trust and increase conversions. But on the bright side, you can make a full-time income with just a few sales.

While you can make money with any type of offer, it’ll take longer to build a significant income if you focus on low ticket offers first. I’d advise choosing on mid to high ticket offers with a minimum of $20.

Once you have are making a consistent income you can start promoting other offers including some low ticket products. This way they can help increase your income but are not your main source.

Has good reputation and support

Another important aspect when choosing what affiliate offers to promote is to make sure they have been around for a while and don’t have a history of complaints and unsatisfied customers.

The last thing you want is to promote an offer that gets lots of refunds since the company will simply transfer those to you and don’t pay your commissions.

Additionally, you want to build a long term relationship with your audience so you want them to be happy with the products you recommend so they can continue to trust you and your recommendations in the future.

Cookies and payouts

These are some less decisive but still important elements to keep in mind.

Cookie duration is the amount of time in which you can be credited for a commission after a customer clicks on your affiliate link. Let’s say a certain affiliate program has a cookie duration of 30 days which is pretty common. It means that a piece of code is saved in their browser for that period of time so unless they clear their cookies, you will get paid if they buy the product on day 1 or day 30.

Payouts are also different for each affiliate program so is good to be aware especially if you are on a tight budget. Most programs have a minimum amount required for payouts and some (not many but some very sh*tty ones) will cancel your commission of that month if you didn’t reach the payout minimum.

Make sure to check the program’s affiliate agreement for this and other important details.

Recurring commissions

how to make money with affiliate marketing
Recurring commissions from Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Some offers like memberships, apps, courses, software, etc. have monthly payments and in the same way, offer recurring commissions to their affiliates.

These type of programs are the unicorn of affiliate marketing and the best way to build up your passive income over time.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to promote a product once and get commissions for it every month for years? It is as good as it sounds but you also want to deliver more value to your audience and help them take advantage of the product/service so they actually stick with it.

3. Choose your promotional method

Now for the fun part!… How are you going to promote your affiliate offers to start building your affiliate empire?

As I mentioned in the beginning, there are dozens of different methods you can use depending on your own preferences and skills.

Regardless of what method you choose, the key to success and making money with Affiliate Marketing is staying focused and consistent until you have mastered it. Only then, you should move to another method to grow your business.

In broad terms, promotional methods can be divided into two main categories:

  • Organic (free) methods: Consist of creating content that attracts potential customers such as blog articles, youtube videos, or social media posts. Content is the new currency in the information era so this is a great way to build your affiliate income with very little to no money investment.
  • Paid methods: They include any type of paid ads like Google ads, Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, Native ads, Push ads, etc. These methods work in an ‘on-demand’ style so you can get as much traffic as you want as long as you can pay for it. Of course, each platform has its own learning curve and you will most likely lose some money before you start getting profits.

Let’s take a look at some of the main methods for both cases!

Organic Methods to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

a. Blogs

As you can imagine, blogs are one of my favorite promotional methods for building a passive income.

The premise of making money with affiliate marketing and blogs is to create some valuable content that people in your niche are looking for and that is related to the affiliate offer you are promoting.

It can be anything from reviews of the products, comparison, best-of lists, tutorials, etc.

One of the main ways blogs get traffic is from search engines (aka Google) so an important part of blogging is learning about SEO (search engine optimization) to make sure your content ranks and is found by users.

Blogs are a long-term method since they can take up to 12 months to start getting some traffic but you can write an article today and still make commissions from it 3, 4 or 5 years later.

how to make money with affiliate marketing
Example of a blog on personal finance with affiliate links for debt consolidation and credit card programs

If you want to learn more about this method, make sure to check my article on using a blog to make money with affiliate marketing

b. Other types of websites

Besides blogs, there are many other types of websites that you can use to make an income through affiliate marketing.

Discount sites? Affiliate Marketing
Comparison sites? Affiliate Marketing
Booking sites? Affiliate marketing
Review sites? Affiliate marketing
Uncommon-products sites? yes, affiliate marketing

how to make money with affiliate marketing
A coupon site with affiliate links to the offers

Since these type of websites don’t generally have that much content like blogs it can be harder to get them ranked in search engines but you can use other strategies like promoting them on social media to get some early traffic

If you would like to know more about building one of these types of websites, check out this article on 5 websites to make money with Affiliate Marketing.

c. Youtube

I like to separate Youtube from other social media platforms because, besides its social elements, it is also a search engine. This means that people are actively looking for answers like they do on Google and you can have your content shown by targeting specific keywords of search terms.

Similarly to blog articles, the videos on Youtube have a lifespam of up to 5 or more years so it can become a passive source of traffic and sales for a long time after you make the content.

how to make money with affiliate marketing
Affiliate links on a Youtube video description

It is also a great way to make affiliate commission without being ‘salesy’ which is something that most people don’t like. You can create videos helping your audience solve their doubts and problems and include your affiliate offer as part of the solution.

If it actually helps them, they’ll be happy to click your links and get the products you are promoting.

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d. Social Media

Did I mention there are many ways to promote affiliate offers? As many as social media platforms exist out there. Let’s take a look at some of the main ones to give you some ideas

  • Instagram: You can create a personal page and promote products in an influencer-kinda-way or you can create. a theme page if you don’t wish to show your face. Regardless of what you choose to do, create some useful content that attracts your target audience and use the link in bio option to place your affiliate link(s).

    If you want to learn more about this method, check out this article on making money with Instagram
  • Facebook: Despite Facebook ads (which I’ll explain in the paid ads methods) this social platform offers a few opportunities for you to promote affiliate offers without paying. One of my favorite ones is using Facebook groups which have a great engagement when compared to Facebook pages.

    You can also use your own Facebook profile and optimize it to drive traffic to your affiliate offers. This is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to get started with affiliate marketing.

    Check out this article if you want to learn more about using Facebook for Affiliate Marketing.
  • Pinterest: This social media platform is often overlooked but it has a couple of great attributes to help you drive traffic to your affiliate offers. First, it allows for affiliate links to be used directly which means that you don’t need to use a landing page if you don’t want to. Additionally, it also works as a search engine so you can target users that are already looking for the products or services you are promoting.

    If you want to master this platform, check out my article on Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing.
  • TikTok: A couple of years ago this was seen as a social network for kids that nobody took seriously but nowadays it has users of all ages. MarketingCharts TikTok data shows, over 50% of TikTok users in the US are aged 18-34 and 37% of users have a household income of more than $100,000.

    The app is still in its early stages so you can grow and get results way faster than on other platforms.

    Check out this article on how to use Tiktok for great Affiliate Marketing profits

If you don’t want to create content, then you can still have great success with Affiliate Marketing using paid ads.

There are many different platforms that you can use depending on where your target audience ‘hangs’, the rules of both the platform and your affiliate programs and which one you feel more comfortable with.

I am going to share some of the main options as well as what have been my experience with them so you can choose the one that’ll work best for you.

a. Google Ads

Google ads give you the opportunity to target people based on what they are already searching for. This means the audience is already aware of their need or desire and is actively looking for solutions.

how to make money with affiliate marketing

While they don’t have clear rules about the use of affiliate links on ads, sometimes these campaigns get disapprove. In that case all you have to do is use a landing page and from them direct visitors to your affiliate offer.

This way you can also collect their information and follow up with them in the future.

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b. Facebook and Instagram Ads

Note: Instagram ads are managed through the Facebook Ad platform so this applies to both social media networks.

Facebook ads are some of the most popular since it is the biggest social media network ever and you can find audiences of all demographics and interests. On the other hand, the costs have increased over the years due to the growing competition.

Facebook allows you to target people based on their locations, age, language, interests, and lots of very specific aspects due to all the data that they collect for every user. You can also create campaigns with different goals like getting traffic or getting purchases and they will show your ads to people who have a history of taking those actions.

They do have a policy of no affiliate links allowed in their ads so you need to use a landing page like with most ad networks.

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C. Youtube Ads

Something different about Youtube ads is that they allow you to target people who have visited a specific URL, something that you can’t do with any other ad platform.

This is great because you can show your ads to people who have visited competitors’ pages and show them why your offer is even better for their needs.

d. Native Ads

Native advertising is the use of paid ads that match the look of the media format in which they appear. Native ads are often found as recommended content on a web page.

how to make money with affiliate marketing
Native ads on CNN site

Native ads are really friendly for affiliate marketers and usually cheaper than the previous options mentioned and you can link directly to affitae offers. They also allowed for restricted categories like Adult content, Alcohol and Gambling, and games, which are often restricted on other platforms.

These are some of the best platforms you can use to promote your affiliate offers. Each one of them is completely different from the other so it is best that you focus on just one at a time until you have mastered it and it can on autopilot.

4. Model success

Ok, so you have chosen your affiliate niche, your offer, and your methods and are wondering “now what?”.

Well, the best way to get started to create your own content or run your own ads is to model what is already working for other affiliates.

If you are a beginner, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel in order to make money. I am not saying you need to copy what others are doing but you can (and should model) success.

Depending on what type of platform you choose to use, go follow content creators on your niche. See what type of videos or posts they are making and come up with your own way to do something similar.

If you decide to use paid ads, do a quick Google search for your affiliate products and the ones from the competition, you are gonna start getting ads not only from the merchant but also from affiliates.

You can also use tools like Facebook ad library or native spy tools to see what type of ads are working. If an ad has been running for a good time, it naturally means it is profitable, nobody would keep paying for ads if they are not getting more money in return.

5. Use Sales Funnels

If you are thinking “nah I am gonna skip this part I just want to make some QUICK money NOW and THEN I can think of doing this whole funnel thing”…I see you. I thought that myself when I first started.

But trust me, creating a sales funnels can be the difference between making no money and making $5,000 in your first month. Or even more, it can be the difference between losing money (if you are using ads) and making 2 times what you invested.

And hear me out, I know sales funnels sound complicated for a beginner but you have more experience with them than you think. You see them and interact with them every day.

Every time you visit a website or a blog and you put your email because they offered you something, boom! that’s a sales funnel. It basically means that you collect your potential customer’s email or contact information so you can follow up with them and increase your sales.

This is really important because most customers need 7 to 8 ‘contact points’ before being ready to buy so if you are not following up with them via email or using retargeting ads, you are going to lose lots of sales and commissions.

So, instead of sending your potential customers directly to your affiliate offer, you collect their emails through an opt-in page (or form). From there, you direct them to the affiliate offer BUT the difference is that now you can send them an email sequence that helps convert those who didn’t buy when they first visited.

Another benefit is that now you can other affiliate offers to your email and make an extra commission on autopilot.

You can check out this guide later on how to create an Affiliate Marketing Funnel

6. Optimize and grow

Once you are making some commissions it’s time to optimize your process and scale your business.

Here are some ways in which you can start growing your affiliate income:

As a content creator:

  • Make more content. Seems a bit obvious I know but this is the center of your business. whether you are using a blog, a Youtube, or other social media, continue to create more content consistently to grow your following/readers.
  • If you are doing good with one product, continue to promote and create more content around it you have covered every possible angle. Then move on to another offer that of course, works for the same audience.
  • Optimize your sales funnels, split test your opt-in pages, and your email campaigns. If you improve how many people are putting down their contact information and how many are opening your emails, you can double your income overnight without changing anything else.
  • Promote new products to people on your email list. Statistically, you can make anything between $1 to $5 per email subscriber depending on your niche so if you are not actively promoting more offers (along with providing value) you are leaving money on the table.
  • Consider using ads. If you already have a profitable and optimized funnel, you can easily start running some type of paid ads and get a new source of income.

If you are using paid ads

  • Scaling your income if you are using paid ads is easier since all you have to do is increase the budget of your campaigns. However, some ad platforms (*cough* Facebook *cough*) can be very sensitive to any change in your campaigns so you need to be careful not to ruin what is already working.
  • Optimize every aspect of your sales funnels including your ads, landing pages, and email campaigns. The more profitable, the easier it’ll be to scale since you’ll be able to spend more on traffic.
  • Nurture your email list with valuable content and promote other related products. Since they don’t know much about you like they’d do with bloggers or Youtubers, this is your opportunity to create a relationship with them and build trust so they continue to buy what you recommend.

7. Long term vs. short term plan

One of the struggles of new affiliates is choosing one platform and sticking with it long enough to see results. Many beginners want to start making money fast but they also don’t have the money to invest in ads which is one of the fastest ways to get traffic. Plus they want to eventually create a passive income because, well, who wouldn’t.

This is why I recommend having an action plan that includes both your short and your long-term goals.

If you want to start making commissions soon I’d recommend starting with paid ads if you have the budget to invest. If you don’t, don’t worry, you can get started using any social media, especially Facebook groups or TikTok which are giving great results at the moment.

In parallel, I recommend you start building a more passive source of income like a blog or a youtube channel. These can take a little more time to start getting some traffic but eventually, they will allow you to grow your income month after month even if you take a vacation.

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing FAQ

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a system that allows you to make a commission by promoting other people’s or company’s products. It is a marketing strategy in which both parties benefit.

The company benefits since you are getting them more sales and they only pay you if someone buys from your referrals. And you as an affiliate, benefit by promoting an already established product without having to create anything nor taking care of inventory, logistics, or customer service.

How do I make money from affiliate marketing?

To make money with affiliate marketing follow the steps in the article above. To sum it up, pick a niche and product, then create some content on a blog, Youtube channel, or social media, and finally refer your audience to your affiliate products using your affiliate links. When they make a purchase you make a commission.

If you have some budget to invest, you can also promote your affiliate offers via paid ads on platforms like Google or Facebook for faster results.

How fast can you make money with affiliate marketing?

It can take anything from a few months to a few years to make a significant and consistent income especially if you are trying to figure things out on your own.

Most beginners make the mistake of not having an action plan and trying a lot of strategies to see what works. Do not make this mistake, choose one of the methods on this article and stick to it, I promise if you are consistent, you will see results.

If you want someone to hold your hand and tell you step-by-step what to do, I recommend this challenge which is giving beginners great results and only costs $7.

What affiliate programs have the highest commissions?

High ticket affiliate programs are usually found in niches like investing, travel, software, and education. Here are some examples:

  • ClickFunnels: Online Business. Up to $1997
  • Fiverr: Freelancing. Up to $150 
  • Amazing Selling Machine: Amazon. Up to $2500
  • Online CEO Instagram Couse: Instagram. Up to $397
  • Hubspot: Business. Up to $1000
  • Genius Webinar. Business. Up to $600
  • Villiers Jets: Private Jets: up to $5000
  • Plus 500: Financial Management; Up to $800
  • Mentor Class. Coaching. Up to $1000
  • Tony Robbins. Coaching. Up to $600
  • Life Fitness. Fitness. Up to $240
  • Regal Assets. Investment. Up to $1000
  • Sandals and Beaches: Luxyr Travel. 4% commission
  • Tour Radar. Luxury Travel. 5% Commission
  • Boat Bookings. Luxury travel. Up to $1000
  • Thinkific. Memberships. Up to $1,100

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Check out the video below for more high ticket affiliate programs.

How to make passive income?

The best way to make passive income with Affiliate Marketing is to create a passive source of traffic like a blog or Youtube channel. You’ll still need to create and update your content to stay on top of things but you will be making commissions from articles or videos you produced months before without you having to push any sales.

Once you are making a steady income you can also outsource some of the main tasks but if you want to continue to scale your income it is important that you devote some time to your business.

The only true income I considered passive is investing and you can always put your affiliate earning towards that.

How much money can you make with affiliate marketing?

As much as you are willing to put in the work. The highest-earning affiliate Jason Stoned has netted a whopping $7 million in sales. It all depends on your own goals, strategy, and how much time you put into it.

The truth is lots of affiliates quit before making their first commission because they didn’t have a clear path. If you stick with it long enough or follow a proven strategy, you can make your first $1,000 in your first couple of months and scale it from there.

How do you get paid with Affiliate Marketing?

Most affiliate programs pay on a monthly basis after you have reached a minimum threshold either via PayPal or bank deposit.

How can beginners make money with affiliate marketing?

If you’re a beginner, I’d suggest using an organic method even if you have the money to invest in ads. Some of the best ways to get started are using Facebook Groups or setting up a YouTube channel and making content that helps your audience. The final choice will depend on what you are most comfortable with.

How to make money with affiliate marketing without a website?

Many of the strategies shared in the post above do not require you to set up a website. You can create a Youtube channel or promote your affiliate offers on social media. If you have an audience that trusts you, they’ll be happy to buy the products you recommend.

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How to get started with affiliate marketing without money?

That is one of the advantages of affiliate marketing, there are many strategies you can use that are free or have a very low cost.

Starting a Youtube channel is totally free and you don’t need any fancy equipment at first. Same with social media. Creating a blog costs $2.95 in hosting and you don’t need anything else.

If you don’t have money, all you need to do is invest your time. Content is king and you can build your own assets from scratch.

Is affiliate marketing worth it?

I might be a bit biased but as someone who has tried other methods to make money online, I believe Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to build a real and scalable income.

If you are looking for a way to make money online long-term and you are willing to do the work and stay consistent, affiliate marketing can change your life.

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Why do most affiliate marketers fail?

Most new affiliates fail because they have no strategy, they end up spinning their wheels without a plan and get burned out before getting results. If you want to improve your chances of success make sure to create a clear strategy and stick with it, lack of consistency is the reason why most people fail.

If you want someone to guide you, I suggest this program with 8-figure marketer David Sharpe, it is helping lots of beginners get their first commissions fasts and it only costs $7.

Takeaway: It’s a real long-term business

There are many methods you can use to make money with Affiliate Marketing but regardless of which one you choose to follow, make sure to stay consistent.

Even if you don’t have a mentor or teacher that’s ok, you can model the strategies that are already giving results to other affiliates. You can test new stuff later on but at the beginning, you want to optimize your chances of success.

Affiliate Marketing has allowed me to quit my job and travel the world for 3 years full time (before covid). But most importantly, it has lifted the worry of money of my shoulders and given me space to enjoy life on my own terms.

how to make money with affiliate marketing

No matter what your goals are, whether that is to pay off your debt, quit your job, spend more time with your loved ones or live an abundant life. If you take the leap and put in the work. you’ll be able to do it.

how to make money with affiliate marketing

If you don’t want to figure it all on your own, check out this 15-day challenge where you’ll be guided step-by-step and get access to a community of successful affiliate marketers who will be happy to help you along the way.

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  1. Hi Andrea! I just read your article and to be honest I still have a lot of questions! Haha. But still you motivate me and I really hope to find the right way to do this thing. I’m going to start with the organic way, focused in cosmetics, because that’s my thing and let’s hope for the best! Wish me luck! I’ve been binge watching your tik toks recently btw haha!

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