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17 Best Financial Affiliate Programs For High Earnings

Looking for the best financial affiliate programs to turn a profit? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we did the homework to save you the hassle and found several legit offers that’ll make you real money.

It’s no secret that the financial services market is one of the biggest industries in the world. In 2021, it reached a worth of more than $22 trillion with no intention of stopping any time soon. In fact, the financial services market is expected to reach $28.5 trillion by the year 2025.

Through financial affiliate programs, you have the chance to tap into this enormous market with thousands of services and products that millions of people worldwide need and use. This includes credit cards, bank accounts, loans, and investments. credit cards, and loans.

The key to running a successful financial affiliate program is figuring out which ones are worth promoting. This is where we come in.

Best Financial Affiliate Programs

We’re not here to waste your time. In the list below, all the offers are legit and can make you money if you manage to hold your end of the bargain.

Also, we made sure to include a variety of programs in terms of requirements and specialty, so you’re bound to find something that works for you. Enjoy!

1. CIT Bank Affiliate Program

financial affiliate programs

Established in 1908, the CIT Bank first aimed to provide financing services to businesses located in St. Louis, Missouri. The bank has only got stronger over the following decades, surviving two recessions and several other global conflicts.

The folks at CIT bank also made sure to diversify the financial products they can offer their customers to meet a wide range of their financial needs including mortgages, multiple certificates of deposit products, as well as personal savings products characterized by being long-term and paying out high interest with a no-penalty policy.

So, what’s in it for you if you’re an affiliate of the CIT bank? You earn $100 for every new customer you bring in via your affiliate link as long as they’re qualified. Compared to other banks and most financial affiliate programs out there, this one is rather generous.

Granted, it may take you more effort to successfully promote such financial offers like those from CIT, but the profit is very much worth it. Let’s say you’re working twice as hard as you have to when promoting something for a $10 commission, you still receive ten times the revenue for it.

That scale is hard to beat by any employer.

2. BBVA Bank Affiliate Program

financial affiliate programs

Diving into the financial area of pay-per-lead affiliate programs, we’re looking at an appealing offer from BBVA Bank. we understand if the name doesn’t sound familiar; not everyone keeps track of bank names outside their country.

Established in 1857, BBVA is one of the biggest Spanish banks. Their first branch in the United States was founded back in 1964 and it’s been growing steadily ever since. In 2020, Euromoney named this bank the best investment bank in Spain.

Aside from its impressive corporate history and achievements, this bank is known to provide a long list of financial products to cover just about every corner of your visitor’s financial needs from credit cards to mortgages, all of which you can promote.

That being said, according to the company’s affiliate agreement, you’re eligible for a commission for sales of the following items only:

  • Money market account
  • Free checking account
  • Online checking account

Make sure that these types of services are what your audience requires. Otherwise, you won’t benefit from the program.

This goes to show you the importance of reading the fine print whenever you’re signing up for any kind of deal.

Speaking of which, keep in mind that the cookie duration of the BBVA affiliate program is session-based. This means that it ends with the expiration of the session or when you close the web browser.

Despite all of those limitations, you’ll earn a fixed commission rate of $85 per new customer you bring in via your affiliate link. Try to focus your efforts on directing pre-qualified traffic to the bank’s website to guarantee your profit.

  • Commission rate – $85 per lead
  • Cookie duration – ends when the session expires or the web browser is closed
  • URL – BBVA Bank Affiliate Program

3. Acorns Affiliate Program

financial affiliate programs

Another financial affiliate program that you can sign up for today is the Acorns pay-per-lead affiliate program. This company was first established by a 2-person team -a father and son- to help make investing available for anyone, even if the money they’re looking to put in isn’t a lot.

They used something known as “micro-investments” to deem this idea possible. Now, through their platform, you can invest as little as $5, $3, or even $1.

Every month, you’ll add the amount of money you want to invest to your portfolio on Acorns. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to set up that portfolio yourself. Instead, a group of finance experts will do it for you!

That’s not all, Acorns also helps you better manage your finances and adopt improved money habits. For example, their signature metal debit card (fun fact, it’s made from tungsten!) can invest change on your behalf.

So, what’s in it for you? As an affiliate, you can earn a maximum of $80 for every new member that signs up for an investment account.

Keep in mind that the Acorns affiliate program requires you to create an account on FlexOffers first.

4. SOFI Affiliate Program

financial affiliate programs

For this next financial affiliate program, we need you to keep a bit of an open mind. Let’s say there’s a type of bank that offers you all the typical financial products you can get from a regular financial organization, but without the hassle of a conventional bank.

Instead, it relies on private investments that are channeled towards supporting social and environmental missions. Think of it as a savings club with the necessary resources to help people secure home loans, student loans, and even personal loans.

This is called providing Social Finance, and that’s what SoFi does. It makes all this possible via an entirely digital platform, so you don’t have to deal with the usual overheads.

By the end of 2020, SoFi had 1.85 million members, allowing the platform to fund billions of dollars in loans. Additionally, you can have your money working to bring in profit through SoFi investment, all the while learning ways to better manage your finances.

As for the amount of money you can earn through the SoFi affiliate program, here’s how it goes down: for each funded standard loan you make $100, and for each funded student loan you earn up to $150.

5. Ally Invest Affiliate Program

financial affiliate programs

Ally is a platform that includes many financial affiliate program ranging from home and automobile loans to online savings. However, its affiliate program focuses on the investment of the industry, particularly stock trading.

As investors, your visitors can either trade on their own if they already have experience in trading, or they can opt for a managed portfolio to benefit from a more guided approach to maximizing profit from trades.

With a commission rate of $50 per new investor, promoting such a program can be well worth the effort. Especially since you’d need to target a more specific type of audience — one with a knack for day trading.

6. American Express Canada Affiliate Program

If a good chunk of your audience is Canadian or lives in Canada, then you should consider signing up for the American Express Canada affiliate program.

Along with Mastercard and Visa, American Express (also known as Amex) is one of the giants in the credit card industry across the world. If you’re from the US, you probably already know this, but if you’re from any other country, chances are the introduction was due.

Now, if you think that the 2008 financial meltdown has gotten people to stop using credit cards, you couldn’t be more wrong.

As such, promoting them to your audience is a winning market, even more so with a company like Amex offering plenty of perks and 18 different types of cards, enabling your audience to choose whatever best matches their lifestyle.

A lot of people are interested in the facilitation that comes with owning a credit card. Anyone familiar with this market knows how much money it can generate you.

Via this affiliate offer, your commission can reach as high as CA$200 for each application upon approval. This is one of the best paying lead-based financial affiliate programs on our list.

7. Credit Karma Affiliate Program

financial affiliate programs

One thing that stirs many affiliate marketers away from the financial department of the business is the amount of effort that goes into convincing visitors with an offer that “plays” with their money.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that with the Credit Karma affiliate program. Promoting their service should be way less of a hassle since it’s free of charge. This means you don’t need to persuade people to purchase anything — just show them all the ways they can benefit from the free credit score of Credit Karma.

That being said, since you don’t need to work as much to get visitors to sign up, the commission you can earn is set accordingly. It’s $2.00 for every new lead that creates an account on the platform.

This is a lot simpler to achieve compared to traditional financial affiliate programs that demand a deposit or a purchase from your lead for you to become eligible for a payout. What’s more, Credit Krama is fairly easy to recommend along with other financial affiliate products such as credit cards or loans.

This makes for a terrific opportunity for cross-selling so you can earn more in one go.

8. Credit Sesame Affiliate Program

financial affiliate programs

Adopting a similar approach as Credit Karma, Credit Sesame is another low-hassle financial affiliate program that you can opt for. The unique thing about Credit Sesame, however, is that the company offers identity theft insurance worth $50,000 along with free credit reports under its free membership.

Because both services offer free products but with varying value propositions, they present marketers with a great chance of promoting both platforms as a complement to one another.

Once again, since you don’t need to work as much to get visitors to sign up, the commission you can earn is set accordingly. It falls anywhere between $3.00 and $6.00 (can increase) for every new lead that creates an account on the platform.

This is a lot simpler to achieve compared to traditional financial affiliate programs that demand a deposit or a purchase from your lead for you to become eligible for a payout.

9. USAA Credit Cards Affiliate Program

financial affiliate programs

The first thing you should know about USAA Credit Cards if you’re considering taking on their affiliate program is that the company offers its financial products to a highly specific niche of users — members of the military, both active or retired.

That being said, the platform provides a wide range of financial products for its customers including the following:

  • Home insurance
  • Automobile insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Credit cards
  • Automobile loans
  • Checking accounts
  • Mortgages
  • Retirement plans
  • Investment plans

We do need to mention that the USAA Credit Cards platform has several partnerships established with other providers to make some of their products readily available. However, this goes to show the company’s dedication to having all the financial requirements of a military family accessible in one place.

How much does this program pay though? As an affiliate, you stand to earn a commission of $25 for every new lead you direct their way. While this isn’t the highest rate you can score through a financial affiliate program, USAA does produce impressive revenue affiliates.

After all, you’re working with a huge potential market of 1.4 million active personnel in the United States, and about 2.19 million military retirees as of 2021.

10. Experian Affiliate Program

financial affiliate program

Three major credit reporting agencies cater to the financial industry in the United States, Experian is one of them. This bureau has been in the business for more than 125 years, supporting clients in over 100 countries worldwide.

Besides providing credit reports, this agency keeps track of suspicious activities that may be signs of identity theft. It also offers a range of services to help you improve your FICO score and remove wrong data from your credit report.

If you’re thinking of reasons why you should join the Experian affiliate program, it’s really a no-brainer. You’d be working with a big name, tapping into a huge market, and promoting a product that’s high in demand.

Money-wise, Experian will pay you up to $20 for every new customer you send its way through your affiliate link.

11. Trim Affiliate Program

financial affiliate programs

Typically, budgeting apps will have you keep track of all your spendings, but this particular little app does so much more. Trim offers a range of handy services including:

  • Renegotiating existing bills to find you the best possible deals.
  • Pinpointing and canceling ill-advised subscriptions that you may not be aware of, sticking their hands into your pocket each month.
  • Additionally, the app sets up its customers with a savings account feature to help them put money aside if they want.

As such, Trim makes for a solid promotion opportunity if you’re looking into the personal finance department. Even more so when you know that Trim is free for the most part.

Your visitors will have access to the majority of Trim’s features at no charge. Also, if a customer enrolls in Bill Negotiation, the app will charge them only 15% of the total savings of the first year. This means that if Trim doesn’t save you money, it won’t make money.

Once the free trial ends, you can subscribe to a yearly plan only as there are no monthly options.

So, how much can you earn from this financial affiliate program? Well, you stand to earn 15$ for every new member you bring in.

12. IdentityIQ Affiliate Program

financial affiliate programs

Identity Thief may be a hilarious movie, but identity theft is no joke. Although it seems like something that wouldn’t happen in real life, identity theft is surprisingly common in the US.

In 2020, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), there were 4.8 million reports of identity theft and fraud cases. This is 45% more than the 3.3 million in the year before, with 113% more identity theft reports compared to 2019.

Using your stolen personal information, identity thieves can open credit cards, change your billing address, and make fraudulent purchases — all in your name.

Luckily, identity protection services such as IdentityIQ can save you from falling victim to such a nightmare. They keep a constant track of any change in your personal information to prevent you from suffering the consequences of vulnerable data.

This particular service takes things to the next level. It references data breach results and monitors data markets on the Dark Web — credit cards and social security numbers are actually sold there.

How is all this relevant to a list of financial affiliate programs? Well, the presence of anomalies on your credit reports is a blatant indication that your personal information has been compromised.

Not only will IdentityQ detect any suspicious activity related to customers’ credit reports, but it’ll also deliver them a credit report every month sourced from each of the three credit reporting bureaus without hurting your score.

So how much will you make for each new customer you can generate? The answer is $35, which isn’t too bad for this sort of affiliate program.

13. LendingTree Affiliate Program

financial affiliate programs

When it comes to the debt reduction and settlement department of financial services, LendingTree has one of the best affiliate programs you can sign up for. If this is a niche you’re covering, then this program can be a fantastic opportunity for you.

What exactly is LendingTree? This website is a platform for comparing prices that features personal loans, home loans, insurance products, and credit cards.

A lot of people prefer using these platforms although they can directly contact the lender on their own. As such, LendingTree managed to tap into a broad market that you too can benefit from.

Promote their products on your blog and you could make up $70 for every new customer you send their way. This rate deserves a spot in your affiliate marketing portfolio.

14. Peer Street Affiliate Program

financial affiliate programs

If you’re interested in promoting products in the real estate investment niche, then how about working with a company that excels in this department and was established by ex-Googlers? We’re talking about Peer Street.

This isn’t your average real estate investment company — it comes with an edge over all others, which is the fact that your visitors can create an investment portfolio using only $1,000 as a start.

As a crowd-funded platform specializing in real estate investment, Peer Street does a remarkable job combining old-school techniques with modern machine learning advancements.

While leaving your money in a savings account can potentially earn you about 3% each year, and a sock portfolio can up this number to reach a maximum of 10% yearly, Peer Street frequently achieves returns in the double-digit territory. This is because you’re investing in a niche that never loses its appeal — real estate.

In other words, this affiliate program is different, and different is something you can sell better. Not to mention, the company will pay you $30 per new customer you direct their way, which is nice money given their relatively low entry-level investment.

15. National Debt Relief Affiliate Program

financial affiliate programs

Another reliable option for a financial affiliate program is the National Debt Relief affiliate program, which is in the debt reduction niche as you can tell from its name.

Through this platform, customers struggling with unsecured debts (debts that lack an underlying asset) receive consolidation loans. This includes medical bills, personal loans, credit cards, and business debts.

In addition to its consolidation services, this company also offers to negotiate on your behalf with creditors to make your overall debt less burdening.

Promoting this program as an affiliate should be fairly easy because you’re tapping into a huge market. After all, the total consumer debt in the United States reached an all-time high in 2020 at a little less than $14.9 trillion.

That’s millions of people in debt and millions of chances for you to help them while earning $27.50 per new member.

16. Douugh Affiliate Program

financial affiliate programs

Douugh is a strictly online bank that gives you all the features of a conventional checking account. Think of it as a hybrid app for financial services that also provides customers with a range of neat tools to save money, improve how they manage their finances, and worry less about bills.

Douugh is a pretty ambitious platform with plans to include more banking features soon such as allowing members to deposit money in their Douugh savings account directly.

By promoting Douugh on your site, you’re helping people establish a better relationship with money meanwhile earning $50 for every new lead you bring in to complete setting up an account via your affiliate link.

17. Tiller Affiliate Program

financial affiliate programs

When you think of budgeting, what would you say the most tiresome part is? A lot of people would answer with something along the lines of “having to fill in my financial information into Excel or Google spreadsheets every day”.

Enter Tiller, a handy service that automates the whole process for you! All you need to do is create a Tiller account and connect it to your bank accounts. This also eliminates the “forgetting” factor when it comes to adding certain outgoings to your budget spreadsheet.

What’s more, Tiller will send your visitors a daily email summarizing their current financial situation. As far as profit goes, you earn $25 for each new customer you bring in.

How to Promote Financial Affiliate Programs

The points below are some ways to help you effectively  promote your financial affiliate programs:

  • Social media — online social platforms such as Tiktok, and Instagram allow you to reach billions of people in a short time making them good alternatives to promote your financial affiliate offers and get fast results.

    Accounts like @herfirst100k and @millenial_coach educate younger audiences on an uncomplicated and unpretencious way. The huge following they have gotten on a short time is proof of how much interest and demad there is in the topic.

Check out this article on How to use Tiktok to promote affiliate offers effectively.

  • Blogging creating a relevant blog in the financial niche is a highly effective method for promoting financial affiliate programs because it establishes you as an expert in the respective field and a reliable source of information. This makes the offers that you mention more trustworthy.

    For example, Making Sense Of Cents is a blog on personal lifestyle that educated readers on how to budget, save, invest and more while promote financial affiliate programs.

    By applying search engine optimization (SEO) to your content, you increase the chances of your articles ranking high in search results, and consequently, being easily found by interested visitors.
financial affiliate programs

Check out this article f you want to make money with affiliate marketing as a blogger.

  • Online videos — consider making videos and posting them on Youtube where you can share financial advice, review related products and answer questions regarding the offers you’re promoting.

    You can learn from NerdWallet, which started as a small blog in 2009 and has now expanded significantly since that time, and currently makes more than $150 million annually in revenue, a signifcant part being from financial affiliate offers.

If you want to learn more about this method, make sure to check out this article on how to make money with Youtube as an affiliate marketer.

Wrap Up

The beauty of financial affiliates programs is that everyone needs them at some point in their lives. Not to mention, the products and services are quite diverse to meet the financial requirements for just about every person.

Most of these financial affiliate programs are quick and easy to sign up which means that you can start promoting them and earning money ASAP. 

The financial niche is one of the most profitable ones but also very competitive so you don’t want to waste any time since the sooner you begin, the easier it’ll be to make commissions.

If you are still unsure of what step to take next, learn more about how to start making money as an affiliate here

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