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How to Name a Blog: Best 16 Blog Naming Methods With Examples

In 1994, Justin Hall started the first blog, but he referred to it as his personal homepage. It wasn’t until 1997 that the term “blog” was used the way we recognize it today.

Almost 20 years later, there are than 30 million bloggers in the USA alone, so starting your own blog and figuring out how to name it can be a little bit overwhelming.

However, you want people to be interested in what you have to offer regardless of the niche, and that starts with picking the right name.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to name a blog using several methods that successful bloggers have used to create and expand their brand names. So, keep on reading.

Choosing a Unique Name for Your Blog

Bloggers spend a long time trying to come up with unique yet valuable content that keeps their readers interested. But sometimes, they don’t know how to create the right blog name that actually represents their brand.

Picking the right blog name is an art because it’s the first thing that your potential readers will notice. By choosing a unique yet relevant name, readers will be interested in viewing your content and remember it to share it with others or come back later.

So, if you’re interested in starting a blog or thinking about updating your blog and your overall online brand, you need to focus on choosing the right name for your blog. With more than 600 million blogs on the internet today, finding the right blog name might not be the most straightforward task.

You want your blog name to be memorable, relevant, unique, while at the same name, show the true nature of your brand and content. So, how can you create a blog name that stands out when people search for your niche or relevant keywords?

There are actually different trusted and tried methods that can be used to create a blog name. Following these strategies guarantee that you’ll end up with a brilliant name that your readers will definitely recognize and remember.

Your blog name should be the same (or very similar) to your domain so it is not something that should be changed after your blog is launched. This is why it is important that you take your time choosing your blog’s name and making sure you are happy with it.

Changing your blog and domain name down the road is not only confusing for your readers but will also cause you to lose all your domain authority, which is key to growing your traffic.

How to Name a Blog: Best Techniques

Choosing a blog name is just like choosing a name for your brand. You need to pick a clever name, but it doesn’t always have to tell people what to expect.

There are several brand names that people recognize and connect with immediately, although they don’t have anything to do with the product or service offered. Take Kodak, for example. The name doesn’t have anything to do with the company’s products and is actually chosen because George Eastman, who invented the first Kodak camera, liked the letter K.

Another example is the company Apple. Today, the name Apple is equivalent to creativity and success, although the fruit doesn’t really represent any of the products or services offered by the company.

This means that creating your brand name or finding a name for your blog can be smart and unorthodox as long as you want to take the risk. You can also keep it simple and choose a method that directly relates to what you have to offer.

In our article, we’ll discuss both conventional and less traditional techniques, so you can find a blog name that you can actually connect to. In some instances, your blog name can tell all about your story and what users can expect from your brand. In other cases, it will be a surprise once your readers click to view your new content. So, let’s dive in.

1.   Use Your Name or Nickname

how to name a blog

Since your blog is your brand, starting with using your personal name or nickname seems to be actually a good idea. This technique will work for you if you have a lifestyle blog where you offer your own experience and advice. It will also work if you talk about a service that you excel at.

If you have a unique name, things will be much easier for you because it will attract people’s attention. It will also be easy to remember.

Sincerely Jules is an excellent example of a lifestyle blog where the blogger, Julie Sariñana, used her nickname to create a fashion blog where she shares all her lifestyle hacks. As a fashion icon, readers and viewers trust her fashion inspiration and can feel safe about their fashion choices because they know that they’re wearing an outfit styled and recommended by her.

With a blog like this, people learn to associate the content with a person. They trust this person, and they follow their visual content as well as the written articles.

Len the Plumber is a website that offers different plumbing services. The blog is connected to a firm founded by Len Bush in 1996 and currently runs a business in Baltimore, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Although this company was acquired by an equity firm in 2020, it’s still one of the most successful plumbing services providers. The blog became successful because it’s associated with a well-established firm. If you already have an existing business that is performing well, following this technique will be a good decision.

2.   Study Your Niche

how to name a blog

Deeply studying your niche is the first step you should take before thinking about launching your blog. You need to study the most famous names in your business, what they offer, the trends, and the latest discoveries.

This technique won’t only help you find good content to share on your blog but will also allow you to find a unique name that is related to your niche. In addition, it’s a good idea for new bloggers because people will be able to recognize what you’re blogging about once they check out your name.

However, before choosing a name, you need to make sure that other bloggers are not using it. You can also get inspired by other industries and businesses if they’re related to your niche.

Blogilates is a workout and fitness blog founded by Cassey Ho where she’s sharing the latest trends in the world of workout and Pilates. The blog became extremely successful that she even launched an app to help people commit to their workout routine.

Mint is a finance-related blog where people can find advice about budgeting and managing their finances. The blog name is related to the phrase “in mint condition,” which means that something is perfect although it’s been pre-owned. The blog is run by financial experts who teach you new approaches to deal with your money.

BuzzFeed is a blog that posts about the latest news in several niches. The name is related to the fact that exciting news creates a hype or a buzz that attracts people’s attention. Over the years, this blog has become one of the most popular comprehensive blogs that people check for news about movies, lifestyle trends, and the latest products and trends.

3.   Choose Words Related to Your Industry

how to name a blog

Your blog focuses on a particular niche, and you will create your content based on several keywords that people use if they’re interested in this niche. This can also help you find a suitable blog name because people will be interested in these words.

People in a niche-centric domain can use this technique because readers will be interested in these specific topics when they’re looking for advice. You can also choose a word that represents a problem or a challenge. If you’re in the cosmetics, home improvement, travel, or technology business, this idea might work for you.

Hot and Flashy is a blog devoted to lifestyle and beauty advice and recommendations for women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond. While this age is closely associated with hormonal changes that make women experience uncomfortable hot flashes, the blogger Angie managed to use these words to create her brand name and offer a specialist’s advice to mature women, helping them to look their best.

Budget Traveller is a budget-friendly travel blog founded by Kash Bhattacharya to help people learn more about budget traveling. He covers everything from the best hostels to the hidden street food gems across the world without crossing a budget limit to make traveling more accessible to people.

Color Me Courtney is a special fashion and lifestyle blog that focuses on using quirky styles and bright colors. This is why the blogger Courtney Quinn chose to include the word “color” in her blog name. People who look for brightly colored outfits or colorful clothes will be interested in checking out this blog.

4.   Use a Thesaurus or Dictionary

how to name a blog

The more you research about your niche, the more you’ll come up with interesting topics to talk about. Even using the dictionary or thesaurus can be helpful because you can interest readers by covering all topics and subjects related to your niche.

You can use a thesaurus or dictionary when you’re blogging in a popular niche. You want your content to look unique, so readers can remember it and connect with it. You will find a lot of interesting words or ideas related to your theme.

Chow and Chatter is a food blog founded by US and UK-registered dietitian Rebecca Subbiah, who used informal and less common words to name her blog. Chow means food, while chatter means to talk, so her blog is mainly talking about different kinds of food, recipes, and nourishment.

She uses an easy approach and friendly tone to talk to her followers, which makes them feel comfortable reading her blog and trusting her advice. At the same time, the unusual words make the blog’s name easy to distinguish among hundreds of other food blogs.

Legal Nomads is a travel blog founded by lawyer turned traveler Jodi Ettenberg. She talks about what traveling is like for someone who suffers from a chronic condition, sharing her insights about food, culture, and everything else. Her blog name is related to what she used to do, being a lawyer working in legal matters and a nomad or traveler who visited several interesting destinations.

5.   Think About Your Content

how to name a blog

You already have a good reason to start your blog, so you can use your content as an inspiration when you’re trying to pick a blog name. Think about your passion and why you want to create a blog in the first place. You’re probably good at something or have a story that you need to share.

Your content is the core of your blog, so it makes sense if you want to use a name related to your story or field. In addition, the name should be related to your message, what you want to communicate to your potential readers, and why it matters to you in the first place.

Freelancers Union is a blog dedicated to new and old freelancers, telling them about the ins and outs of working in the world of freelancing. As a reader, you’ll be able to find content about the tips and tricks that can help you launch your career as a freelancer, in addition to the challenges that you can face, new government regulations and how they impact you, and how to protect your brand in the world of freelancing.

LivinRVision is a website created by Brian and Michelle, who created a blog to share their vision about RV living and how it impacts their lives. The couple took a leap of faith by selling everything they have to invest in an A-class Coach and live in it full-time. Because they share all the pros and cons of their experience, reading the blog will be rewarding for anyone who is considering investing in an RV.

6.   Choose a Name Related to Your Readers

how to name a blog

Your readers can also inspire you to pick a new name for your blog. Think about who your target audience is and what matters to them. Who are they? What do they do? And what will they be interested in?

By answering these questions, you’ll come up with an interesting list of ideas that you can use to write articles. You’ll also be able to find a good name for your blog.

The idea is to find something that you and your readers have in common because this will make them trust your content. Therefore, the blog name should reflect your knowledge or this close relationship, so your readers feel that you actually know what you’re talking about.

By getting personal and sharing your fears and the challenges your face, your readers know that you have something valuable to offer. Therefore, the content will be related to what you know and feel, and the name you choose should reflect that.

A Mom’s Take is a popular example of how the name relates to your target audience. The blogger Janel shares a mother’s perspective on various topics, from holidays to food, travel tips, self-care advice, home improvement, and activities. The inspiring content can be helpful to lots of new mothers who try to balance several aspects with multiple kids in the house.

Autoimmune Wellness is a blog founded by Angie and Mickey, who share their life journey with living with autoimmune disease. Between them, they share five different autoimmune diseases and multiple annoying symptoms that other people suffer from. As a result, they share meal recipes, lifestyle tips, and other valuable advice that readers can apply to their lives and cope with their illnesses.

7.   Use Alliteration To Name Your Blog

how to name a blog

Alliteration refers to the usage of the same letter at the beginning of every word. It’s an interesting way to rename your blog because it’s catchy and fun.

People use alliteration in literature because it creates internal rhyme that makes names easy to remember. As a result, it will be a great way to name your blog if you’re starting a new blog in a popular niche.

Lots of well-established brands use this technique because it’s straightforward. These include brands like PayPal and Dunkin’ Donuts. It will also work for you if you want to choose a nice name for your blog.

Cats Who Code is a web development and web hosting blog that started in 2008, focusing on PHP, HTML/CSS, and WordPress. It offers great resources and tutorials for those interested in web hosting and coding. The blog’s founder is fond of cats and coding and chose this funny and quirky name to express his life for both of them.

Savouring Simplicity is a lifestyle blog where Raeesah Omar Patel posts about food, fashion, and lifestyle. The two words used to name the blog tell you about the content you’ll find. Everything posted on the blog is dreamy, simple, with some of the best life hacks and lifestyle tips and recommendations that she has tried herself.

8.   Find a Pun Related to Your Blog Name

how to name a blog

Puns are popular marketing tools that are still used by the world’s biggest brands. However, it will also work for you if you want to create your own online brand by starting your blog, regardless of its niche.

As a matter of fact, puns are quite common in the world of blogging, as every blogger tries to create unique content that catches readers’ attention. So, it’s quite common to find puns in article names and throughout the posts. So, all you have to do is find a well-known pun and incorporate it or part of it into your blog name.

Other-Wordly is a blog named after the word otherworldly, which refers to something out of this world. However, it focuses on words that sound great in their own language, describing unique feelings that can’t be translated.

Planet of the Grapes is a blog related to a brick-and-mortar wine bar and shop which offers some of the world’s best wines. Although the blog isn’t even remotely related to the famous movie Planet of the Apes, the blog’s name will most probably ring a bell, which makes it easy to remember. You can shop for wine, check wine-friendly food menus, and even book a table to enjoy your favorite drink by checking the blog.

9.   Use Fun and Humor to Name Your Blog

how to name a blog

Using fun and humor can be a great way to create a catchy and memorable name for your blog. People will be able to remember the name and will most likely visit your blog often because you managed to catch their attention.

Even if you’re interested in a serious niche, a fun name can be an excellent way to name your blog and tone down the seriousness. As a matter of fact, a fun name is an excellent way to discuss a heavy topic by showing the positive or humorous part of it, unless making fun of the topic isn’t appropriate. For example, this technique doesn’t work if you’re discussing a sensitive topic like mental illness or miscarriage.

Ugly Duckling House is a home improvement blog where the blogger shares her DIY and repair ideas in a fun and lighthearted way. She used a catchy name, though not related to her niche because it relates to her journey as a single person who was trying to improve the way her house looks.

Runs For Cookies is a lifestyle and fitness blog where the blogger talks about her weight loss journey where she tries to balance her love for running and cookies. The light tone of the blog is apparent, as she inspires other people to choose their health and happiness without stressing themselves.

Brainless Blogger is a blog founded by Nikki Albert where she discusses one of the most famous symptoms that are related to migraines and fibromyalgia. She chose the word “brainless” to introduce painful symptoms in a funny way, as she helps people live with chronic illness and manage their lives.

10.  Try Something New

how to name a blog

Naming a blog doesn’t always have to make perfect sense. As a matter of fact, you can use a name that doesn’t relate to the content, and it will still attract people’s attention.

Searching for new blog content can be overwhelming, and trying to find the perfect name for your blog will sometimes be too challenging. In some cases, it might feel like the more you push yourself towards finding something that relates to your niche, the less you’ll be able to do so.

Taking a break might be what you really need. You might have an interesting conversation with someone where they tell you something that you can find inspiring. Even a book or a movie might work.

Rotten Tomatoes is a clear example of a name that doesn’t relate to the content of the blog, although it’s inspired by it. This is one of the world’s most famous blogs that discusses the ratings of movies and TV shows, giving them scores based on the opinions of critics and experts.

The blog’s name is related to the practice of throwing tomatoes to disapprove a poor performance, which is a scene featured in the Canadian movie Léolo. Although there’s no clear relationship between tomatoes and cinema or TV, the blog is quite successful.

11.  Use Made Up Words

how to name a blog

You need to get creative while working on your new blog content, and this also applies to finding a new blog name. You don’t have to feel limited by the real words, as you can make up your own, even if they don’t make sense when taken out of context.

Some of the world’s biggest brands used this technique to choose their names, and you can apply this strategy when you’re picking a blog name. Häagen-Dazs is an example of this technique as the brand’s founders wanted to find a name that sounded Danish, and they choose a word that doesn’t mean anything in any language. Still, it’s still one of the most recognized ice cream brand names in the world.

However, this method might be a little tricky to use. The word you invent won’t make any sense until you’ve established your name in your niche. But once you do, your name might be equivalent to the service you provide.

The Imgur Blog is a fun website devoted to funny stories and images that people share from all over the world. The word “imgur” isn’t real, but it’s well-known now because of how popular this blog is.

12.  Be Straightforward

As opposed to some of the previously suggested ideas, you can pick a name that is directly related to what you offer. This is a great idea to launch your blog if you’re specializing in a popular niche because your readers will be able to know what your content is about by checking out your name.

This is a great idea because the people who check your blog will know exactly what to expect. Using this method will help you get a dedicated group of followers who regularly check your blog for new posts because they know that you offer something they’re actually interested in.

The Smart Passive Income Blog offers exactly what the name suggests; smart ways to generate passive income. The blogger Pat Flynn shares all his tips about finding the best online business opportunities and the right ways to generate passive income.

Since generating passive income is a dream for many people, the readers are always interested in following the blog and checking out the latest tips and tricks that allow them to achieve success in a highly competitive environment.

Fat Positive Fertility is a blog founded by Nicola Salmon for mothers who are struggling with their weight and fertility. In her blog, she advocates for the way overweight women are treated on their fertility journeys and the challenges they face as they are trying to get pregnant.

Since there are a lot of women who are challenged by medical conditions like PCOS that cause weight gain and affect fertility, the blog has a lot of devoted followers who find it extremely positive and inspiring.

13. Use Opposite Words

Using contradicting words is a fun way to attract people to your blog. You need to pick words that are related to your content, so readers can know what to expect when they read your blog.

Antonyms or opposite words are often used in literature because they emphasize a specific idea or highlight it. A name that contains opposite words is also easy to remember, which is a must because there are probably several blogs that publish closely related content.

White Sugar Brown Sugar is a blog about adoption. Rachel, the blog founder, is diagnosed with type-A diabetes, which made it challenging for her to become a mother in a conventional way. Instead, Rachel and her husband considered open, domestic, and transracial adoption.

The words white, brown, and sugar can be related to motherly love, race, and diabetes, so it’s a unique name that attracts the attention of anyone who might be interested in the same experience.

14. Think About Your Location

If you want to celebrate a specific culture or location, including the name of the city or country in your blog name might be what you need to do. This way, people can tell exactly what the content is about, so they can feel more connected to it.

Homesick Texan is a cooking blog founded by Lisa Fain and mainly focuses on preparing delicious Texan recipes. Unlike other blogs that try to generate different keywords and multiple ideas, this one is solely devoted to Texan cuisine, so it offers valuable content if you want to explore Southern food.

Hip Paris is a lifestyle blog that focuses on life in Paris. The blog targets first-time and regular visitors who want to explore the real essence of the city.

It goes beyond the famous and well-known landmarks to discuss the hidden spots, the best tips to enjoy your Parisian stay, challenges that other people face, and how to make the best of your stay in Paris. As a result, this blog has become very popular among people who consider visiting Paris for a short period or want to consider living in it long-term.

The Soul of Seoul is another travel and lifestyle blog that’s solely devoted to life in Seoul. Life in other parts of the world is incredibly different, so most people who move to South Korea deal with a cultural shock that makes them unable to cope. They might also offend someone because they’re ignorant of what should be done or how to react.

The website focuses on everything from the spots you shouldn’t miss to Korean etiquette and reviews about the places you can visit in South Korea.

15. Think of Another Language

If you can’t find a word that interests you, you can try another language to come up with a name for your blog. When the foreign name is related to your blog content, readers feel more connected to your blog and see that you have something valuable to offer.

Muse Gelato is a good example of using a foreign word to show the nature of a blog. It uses the word “gelato,” which is the Italian word for ice cream, as the company offers various dessert options. Readers can order their favorite ice cream and other desserts by checking out the blog, knowing that they’re made by real experts.

Meraviglia Paper is another example of combining an Italian word with an English one. The blog is devoted to hospitality, talking about various hotels, residences, and vacation homes, that the bloggers explore and review. It uses the Italian word for “marvelous” to attract readers who are interested in a unique and wonderful experience.

16.  Use a Blog Name Generator

If you can’t find a suitable name on your own, you can use a name generator to create an interesting name for your blog. Luckily, there are several smart applications that can help you come up with a unique name to attract your potential readers. Moreover, you can make sure that your name isn’t taken by anyone else.

The best thing about using a blog name generator is that you will have multiple options to choose from. This will give you a chance to take your time and pick the name that appeals to you.

Blog or domain generators work when you enter a keyword that relates to your niche or blog. Then it offers several variations, using related words or alternative spelling, so you can end up with a unique name for your blog.

  • Name Generator is an excellent tool that you can use if you’re not sure about the right name to pick for your blog. First, you need to choose adjectives that describe your blog tone and the nature of the content. Then you should use verbs that relate to your niche. After that, you will add your name and location, so the app can come up with different suggestions using the information you provided.
  • Panabee is a great blog and domain generator as it offers a lot of extensions for international bloggers. It also checks the name you choose, so you can make sure that it’s not taken by another blog or brand. One of the perks of using this app is that it checks the way your name looks on several social media platforms, so you can guarantee that your online branding will be consistent.

Final Thoughts

It takes creativity and research to come up with a good name for your blog. Luckily, there are several techniques and methods that you can follow based on the nature of your blog, tone, and the content you want to share with your readers.

All you have to do is make sure that you spend time studying your target niche and audience. You should also check other blog names in your specific niche to check for naming trends.

Stand out from other bloggers by picking a name that you can relate to. Remember that your name will be your online brand, so you need to think carefully before committing to one.

If you are ready to start your blogging journey, make sure to check out this article for a step my step guide to start a blog that actually makes money.

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