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15 Highly Profitable Golf Affiliate Programs

The very first game of golf was played in Scotland in the 15th century. And since then, its popularity has grown worldwide. In 2020 alone, golf reached about 100 million people all around the US. The global reach is many times that amount.

Golf might have a reputation of being a niche sport, but the fact that 75% of the courses are open to the public challenges that notion a bit. Golf ranks 8th among the most popular sports in the US, right after tennis and auto racing.

Even if its fans don’t actively play the game, they still follow the tournaments and watch the sport whenever they can. A large number of them take up golfing lessons or buy home simulated games.

As for the folks who actually play golf, they’re known to be big spenders. There are so many items to buy in the golfing world and plenty of gear to try. Additionally, as the players’ skills develop, they find that they have to get more advanced equipment. It’s not surprising then that the golf industry is worth billions of dollars.

Golf affiliate programs are thus a lucrative niche for affiliate marketers. There’s a sizable amount of potential leads, and they’re most willing to invest in various commodities related to the game. Selecting from the myriad of available programs could be tricky, and that’s why we carefully curated the following list of the best possible deals.

The Most Profitable Golf Affiliate Programs

As you pick one, or more, golf affiliate programs, you should keep in mind a few considerations to maximize your profits:

  • Your own interests
  • Your readers’ interests
  • The conversion rate of a platform
  • The commission rate
  • How long do the cookies last
  • The availability of an affiliate network

Naturally, you’d look for the programs that provide the best deals, and that’s wise of course, but it’s not enough. The main predictor of your profitability is how well your content can drive traffic to a certain platform.

Matching your work with a suitable affiliate program should be a top priority for your business. Your interests naturally draw in your readership. And their needs should find a ready outlet in marketable products and affiliate programs.

Luckily there are tons of golf affiliate programs covering every conceivable aspect of the industry. And the following is a varied list of prime quality options to choose from.

1.   Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program

golf affiliate programs

Since its launch, the Amazon Associates program was an instant hit. Additionally, it inspired millions of sellers worldwide to focus on affiliate marketing as much as generic advertising.

Even when the commission rate was slashed in the past few years, this platform remains one of the favorite affiliate programs for many bloggers. That’s mainly because it’s the go-to destination for buying anything at all, so it’s easy to convince a lead to proceed with a transaction.

Moreover, Amazon has a strict vetting policy when it comes to accepting partners. So becoming an Amazon Associate might facilitate your future partnerships with other platforms, brands, or networks.    

Amazon has thousands of golf apparel classified under tens of categories that buyers can navigate easily. There’s a wide assortment of brands, ranging from the posh to the budget-friendly.

Thus, there’s a huge amount of gear you can review and promote. Additionally, you can steer your readers to good products that they can get in a jiffy from a trusted source. While the commission isn’t huge, the high conversion rate makes up for it.

2.   Swingman Golf Affiliate Program

golf affiliate programs

This is a training program tailored for beginners and pros alike, with the sole aim of improving the golfer’s skills in a month.

The promise Swingman Golf makes is for the players to gain 12-16 mph, or up to 30-40 yards, of driver swing speed. And to achieve that impressive feat in just 30 days. In 3-4 months these figures go all the way up to 30 mph and more than 75 yards.

The training material is mainly a video library that covers various aspects of gaining distance and swing speed. In addition to mental imagery that optimizes the golfer’s focus to unprecedented levels. 

The 50% commission might catch your eye, but you should read the conditions fully. It’s limited to only $49 per month. This is still not bad, but keep your attention on the 10% as well, which could generate more revenue.

  • Url: Swingman Golf Affiliate Program
  • Commission rate:  varies as follows:
    Swing Man Golf All-Access – 50% of $49/month
    Swing Man Golf Swinxg Speed Trainer Certification Program – 10% of $588
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

3.   American Golf Affiliate program

golf affiliate programs

Despite what the brand name says, American Golf is the largest golf retailer in Europe. It has more than 99 brick and mortar stores in the UK and Ireland, in addition to a whole lot more in progress.

Their online store serves a global audience of golfers, as it offers a fine assortment of gear that’s hard to find in one place. They also constantly offer prime quality deals at a sale price. And their friendly staff is always there to offer recommendations and help customers in getting what they really need.

Joining this program doesn’t sound too lucrative in terms of commission rate, and some might wonder about the overseas HQ. However, it’s a world-famous store with a wonderful presence both online and around its many shops.

The incessant traffic should make the profits worthwhile, and there are so many products to talk about. I can imagine that the huge variety would make for a nice blogging subject. Comparisons, reviews, specialized gear, you name it! 

4.   Callaway Golf Affiliate Program

golf affiliate programs

Golf is a precision game, and things like airspeed or club balance can make or break a swing. As such, pros are always looking for premium gear that helps in optimizing their swings.

Callaway Golf is among the major suppliers of that high-caliber gear. You can find anything from golf balls and golf clubs, to lifestyle items like comfortable footwear, backpacks, and golfing accessories.

In addition to the Callaway Golf products, the online store displays brands like TravisMathew, Odyssey, Jack Wolfskin, and OGIO. These niche items might be hard to find at stores that offer generic equipment.  

There are numerous ways to blog about premium gear. For starters, it’s what the pro players often use. So if you’re covering tournaments, that would be a good context. Additionally, the specs and performance of that type of gear are so unique and amazing. You’d never run out of words describing these special features. 

5.   Austad’s Golf Affiliate Program

golf affiliate programs

This business started in 1963 when Oscar and Dorothy Austad decided to run an online mail-order venture selling golf equipment. In a fascinating turn of events, the business boomed, and by the mid-1980, Austad became the largest golf retailer in the US.

The business is still family-owned, and they carry on with the tradition of club fitting, customization, and repair. In the world of golf, these activities are as rare as they get! But it’s among the pillars of Austad.

It’s not hard to see why this outlet has such a huge following of loyal customers. The availability of premium quality products helps a lot as well. Their shelves are stacked ceiling-high with glittery items from Adidas Golf, Bridgestone, Bushnell, ECCO, Under Armour, Wilson Staff, and tens of other big names.   

There’s also a ‘family’ rewards system, which allows members to get a 3% earnings and perks package. Additionally, Austad has a value guide that lets customers trade their old gear for new top tech apparel. These are definitely unique selling points that you can use to your great advantage.

Becoming an affiliate to Austad isn’t that hard, and once you join the club, you’d be eligible for a generous 7.5% commission. With their high traffic and conversion rates, you can expect to get a 9% commission in a short while. 

  • Url: Austad Affiliate Program
  • Commission rate: 7.5% flat commission. But with incentive, it goes up to 9% for sales exceeding $5,000
  • Cookie duration: 60 days

6.   TeeOff Golf Affiliate Program

golf affiliate programs

TeeOff is a service that books golf courses worldwide, with as little hassle as possible. You can choose the time and place to play your favorite game in practically any location. And the best part is, there’s no rush to leave a down payment, and booking fees aren’t necessary at all.

The platform is a neat lineup of some of the best golf courses you can think of. You can see a thumbnail of the course, an estimate of the price range, the available times, and a star rating that gives you an idea of what to expect.

The locations are in places like California, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, and pretty much all the States you can count. In addition to international spots such as Australia, Ontario, Ireland, Costa Rica, UAE, Malaysia, and tons of other amazing places.

Travel bloggers would have a field day with this affiliate program! But any content creator can do wonders with that service as well. It would be a nice reprieve to write about golf courses in exotic countries, as opposed to all the equipment reviews and buyer’s guides!   

7.   Golf Outlets Affiliate Program

golf affiliate programs

While several of the retailers mentioned above specialized in costly premium gear, Golf Outlets deals mainly in budget-friendly products. Many of the brands they offer are actually their own. And they distribute all the items through two depots to minimize any added costs.

To keep the prices down, this store partners with a sister company on the other side of the pond, in Europe. This way, it’s much easier to negotiate winning deals and import great products that can still be offered to a wider base of customers. 

Besides the hoards of moderately-priced items, buyers can also find some big-name brands at affordable prices. Big clearances happen all the time, and they’re amazing opportunities to get more for less. This is also among the many unique points that you can market.

Golf outlets have been in the business for 35 years, and they confidently say that they know what works and what doesn’t, so they don’t waste any time with fads or contraptions. It’s nice to work with such folks!

This program is highly organized, and as you start the partnership you’d feel that all the administrative work is well taken care of. Two third-party tracker networks; Affiliate Future and Commission Junction, oversee the commissions and leads activities. And you can get full access to the whole process reports to be sure your earnings are fair and secure. 

8.   MyScorecard Golf Affiliate Program

golf affiliate programs

This program is a bit left-field when it comes to golf affiliates, as it doesn’t offer the typical merchandise and sports gear. It’s not even a golf course promotional business. To clear up the mystery, what you’d be marketing here is information!

Having said that, it’s fair to say that information is a valuable commodity in sports. And as the saying goes, “the more you learn the more you earn!” MyScorecard is an accurate method to track golf handicap. It uses USGA Handicap Indexes to optimize the playing styles of beginners as well as pros.

There’s a free trial version of MyScorecard, so you can get a full idea of the product before signing any agreements. The commission is a dazzling 16% which is pretty alluring. And with all the features packed in the app, including this link in any type of blog shouldn’t be difficult at all.

MyScorecard offers three types of affiliate programs that you can select from. These are the Basic Affiliate Program, Advanced Affiliate Program, and Golf Course Partners Program. We suggest that you read through each option, and then make a final decision. Several bloggers find that it’s best to start with the Basic program though.      

9.   Rain or Sunshine Golf Affiliate Program

golf affiliate programs

This is one of the nicest affiliate programs a golf blogger could promote. It’s the ultimate dream of any golf player to have full access to the game any time of the day. The pros polish their styles, and the beginners learn the necessary skills. This is quite possible with golf simulators.

Rain or Sunshine Golf at-home setups aren’t just for practice. They are great ways to spend time with family and friends. The relaxed pace of golf gives everyone a chance to talk and share the good times. Golf simulators are also a wonderful solution for indoor entertainment if the weather isn’t too good.

There are a hundred and one good reasons why a person should get a simulated green at home or at the office. And of these is the affordable price. It’s not hard at all to get the game going under any budget and in any space.

The products are mainly golf simulators, and these are offered in a wide range of setups and budgets. There are also launch monitors, hitting bays, golf mats, and various other accessories. It’s like the folks at Rain or Sunshine say: “Tee it up Anytime!”.

This translates to an easy sale, and potentially high traffic into the affiliate site. It’s worth noting that ‘golf simulators’ is among the most searched for keywords. Admittedly, the commission isn’t huge here, but the prospect is easy to market and the outlook is definitely positive.

10.         TaylorMade Golf Affiliate Program

golf affiliate programs

I can barely hide how starstruck I am by this brand! There’s something incredibly appealing about the posh personalized products that address the tastes of true connoisseurs. La creme de la creme items aren’t a means to show off, but rather a way to experience beauty and distinction.

TaylorMade Golf is a subsidiary of Adidas, and they rank among the top manufacturers of golf equipment. You can get personalized golf clubs, balls, and other game items. As for the apparel, the polos, outwear, T-shirts, hats, and visors are out of this world.

The accessories like golf bags, gloves, head cover, and travel gear are just as carefully made as the other prime quality golf gear on display. All the items are constantly updated, and often sold as limited edition products.

TaylorMade is an amazing brand, no doubt about that. However, it might need some skillful marketing to reach the right kind of crowds who would go for such niche products. The commission rate is also not terribly encouraging, then again, taken from the total amount of the sale, this could add up to satisfactory outcomes. 

11.         TRENDYGOLF Affiliate Program

golf affiliate programs

TRENDYGOLF works along the same lines that TaylorMade does, as it also addresses elegance first and foremost. The products vary a little though, as TRENDYGOLF focuses more on fashionable clothes than custom-made gear and golfing accessories.

The story behind TRENDYGOLF is all about a style that golfers spotted and were dying to emulate. That was in 2004 when the fashion icon and world-famous Swedish Jesper Parnevik appeared in the European Tour wearing outfits no one else could find.

Two fashion-wise golfers, Ian and Ben, were well aware of the waves these outfits created within the golfers’ society. They still couldn’t find the original outfits Parnevik sported, but they created a company that catered to that style.

Even though the brand name and general inclination is clearly high-end, several products are moderately priced and accessible to a wide audience. There are frequent sales and clearances too, so this seller isn’t as exclusive as some might think.

The headquarters were first in the UK, then that was followed by a big branch in the US. They ship worldwide and pretty much never run out of demand.

Marketing high-end products might seem challenging, but it’s actually fun. The products are often packed with great features in addition to their exceptional styling and aesthetics. The commission is not bad at all, and so is the hype around the brand. 

12.         The Golf Warehouse (TGW) Affiliate Program

golf affiliate programs

The Golf Warehouse started as a family-owned business in 1998. There was only a team of four people responding to mail orders, and diligently growing their online customer base. Today the company is run by 250 people, occupying 230,000 square feet, and selling more than 30,000 products. The brand name has also changed to TGW to go with the times!

Despite what the name implies, the Golf Warehouse isn’t into budget buys. It promises premium gear, apparel, and accessories at the best possible prices. You can find brands like Nike, Callaway, TaylorMade, Adidas, Puma, and many other big names on display.

They do offer plenty of items on sale though, plus various deals and discounts. Thus, golfers can often find more for less. TGW always has an exceptional customer support team, a 90-day guarantee on most products, and free shipping for custom clubs.

Being such a popular destination for online sports gear shopping made TGW well aware of the customers’ need for items outside the golfing world. TGW obliged, and you can find also electronics, baseball gear, and softball requirements as well. 

The huge traffic, stellar reputation, together with the generous commission that TGW offers, makes this affiliate program one of the absolute best on the list. Luckily, it’s not hard at all to join this program and make significant profits right off the bat. 

13.         Proozy Golf Affiliate Program

golf affiliate programs

Almost everyone who has ever played sports appreciates the perks of wearing and using premium quality products. But not everyone has enough cash to buy these items, so they settle for affordable products that are a little less glam.

Proozy claims that this choice is not necessary, and people can get excellent products at good prices. In fact, they don’t just say that, they clearly put their money where their mouth is, and their online store says it all!

The Proozy platform hosts a huge amount of products that aren’t limited to golf or to sports alone. It includes electronics, kitchen & dining, bedroom, bath & beauty, bags & backpacks, in addition to sports & outdoors.

This extensive lineup makes a shopper’s life easy. And it would automatically mean that marketing this brand is a breeze. Along with promoting golf apparel and gear, you could also mention the products of any of their other categories. All in the right context, of course. Which in turn, increases your potential for closing deals.

Proozy is one of the affiliate programs that take the partnership with blogging sites very seriously. They count on serious bloggers to increase their sales, and in return, they run a generous business with these affiliate marketers.

You can depend on their full support in every detail related to promoting their brand, and they consistently give away banners, special deals, and other commercial material to boost your marketing efforts.

The conditions of Poozy’s affiliate program are among the nicest that we ever came across. It’s nice to have a win-win, and especially when the commission is well over the 10% range.

14.         Golf Shoes Plus Affiliate Program

golf affiliate programs

In a world that always wants to taste a bit of every flavor, specialization is good. Golf Shoes Plus is well aware of that, and they built their brand around selling the best golf shoes in the market. Their first shop was opened in Florida back in 1984, and it soon garnered fame and status.

In 1996, Golf Shoes Plus decided to venture into the world of e-commerce, and they launched an online store. They have an impressive collection of men, women, and junior golf shoes from some of the biggest brands in the market. You can easily find labels like New Balance, Puma, Ecco, Under Armour, and Sandbagger golf shoes.

Their inventory is upwards of 12,000 footwear products. And if an item isn’t on their catalog, they make arrangements with the manufacturer to drop ship it directly to the customer. This huge retailer ranks pretty high in the category of Golf shoes, thanks to its excellent customer support and impressive sales volume.

The scale and reach of Golf Shoes Plus allow it to offer its customers the best prices on most models. Additionally, there are frequent clearances and sales where golfers can buy real gems at incredible prices.

The evident traffic and popularity of this online store are quite promising. Additionally, this category, with all of its keywords, doesn’t have the savage competition that other golf products might have. Even with a commission of 5%, good marketing, and creative promotion could easily add up to nice profits.  

15.         Buggies Unlimited Affiliate Program

golf affiliate programs

According to e-commerce reports, the golf cart market in the US was valued at $1.34 billion. The 15,000 golf courses, and the ever-increasing number of golfers, naturally require reliable transportation on the green. Golf carts are expected to boom even more in the next decade.

Buggies Unlimited is among the top destinations for recreating golf carts. This online store is a huge supplier of parts, wheels, and accessories that serious golfers constantly need. Their inventory can easily revamp a golf cart and convert it into a dream vehicle.

This includes adding a hot audio system, cell phone, holders, coolers, and a club canopy. Their inventory has products made by reliable manufacturers like GTW, Jake’s, and Red Dot.

Reaching the largest possible amount of customers is tempting, and it usually translates to high earnings. But there’s a flip side to that coin that also has real merit. And that is reaching a niche customer that’s also a big spender.

Golf carts and golf cart accessories are as specialized as they get. Thus, if you focus on that area for a little while, chances are that you’ll quickly rank high in searches.

How to Promote Golf Affiliate Programs

Blogs are among the best ways to promote golf affiliate programs. Some of my personal favorites are Top 100 Golf, which is an ongoing journey of a golfer aiming to play in the best 100 golf courses around the world. Also, Golf Blogger, which is a commentary on everything that matters in the green field.

golf affiliate programs

Besides blogs, there are other ways to carry the same message. The best, and easiest, examples are Youtube and Instagram. But any existing social media presence can be utilized as a marketing tool.

In 2017, CNBC wrote a feature about how the golf industry realized the huge potential of including a younger generation in the game. According to the National Golf Foundation, the age segment between 18-34 makes up approximately 25% of all golf players. With annual spendings of around $5 billion.

This massive market can only be approached through its favorite hangouts, in other words, social media platforms.

Check out this article. if you want to learn how to make money with an affiliate blog.

How to Use Youtube for Promoting a Golf Affiliate Program

Youtube gets about 4 billion eyeballs each day, so there’s definitely some merit in placing your content on that humongous platform. With the amount of sprouting and thriving golf channels, we’d say that this sport is doing great on youtube.

You might be wondering now, so what do the top content creators do exactly? A good example is of course Rick Shields, with his 1.76 million subscribers, and upwards of $3 million net worth. His channel goes into the beating heart of golf, with tutorials, games with peers, and assessing various kinds of gear.

golf affiliate programs

Vlogging about golf comes in so many ways. For example, there’s touring the best golf courses in the world, giving witty commentary on tournaments, providing practical tips on how to play, reviewing apparel, or doing hundred-and-one other golf-related activities.

In each case, there’s an opportunity to promote an affiliate program, in addition to monetizing the Youtube content. 

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How to Use Instagram for Promoting a Golf Affiliate program

Instagram might have fewer eyeballs than Youtube, but it generates far more business. That’s because the millions of active users on Instagram follow various types of brands on that platform. And they routinely buy tons of stuff from their favorite pages.

Moreover, the engagement rate on Instagram is phenomenal. Users regularly return again and again to read a comment or check out a notification. Additionally, there’s a sizable presence of golf influencers on Instagram, so you can use their pages for leveraging your own.

That’s why using Instagram to promote an affiliate program is actually quite clever.

Are the Other Social Media Platforms Worth a Shot?

Facebook, Tik Tok, Club House, as well as many other old and new platforms engage heavily in marketing activities. If you’re already established on any one of them, then go ahead and promote your affiliates there. More power to you!

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to social media and e-commerce. Most people play by ear, and then let the world know how their experiences turned out. The moral of the story is that there’s plenty of room for experimentation, so if you’re big on any social media, get creative, get serious, and promote your business with everything you’ve got.   

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In Conclusion

The golf business is currently worth more than $15 billion. This includes gear, apparel, accessories, books, travel, training, and green fees. Interestingly, this rich market isn’t as rife with cutthroat competitions as the other industries.

This spells out a huge opportunity for bloggers and e-marketers, but there’s a catch. Golf is a niche sport that requires plenty of technical information, extensive training, and close observation to really understand. Once that level of expertise is reached, the rest is easy.

Golf affiliate marketing is a great way to capitalize on the popularity of your website or social media presence. And there’s a wide variety of golf affiliate programs to choose from. Regardless of which platform you decide to use for promoting a brand, remember that content is always king.

First and foremost, write, vlog, or post photos of what you really like. And keep your eyes on your current audience. There are tons of analytics that let you know who they are and what they want. You can gradually expand your following and attract new types of golf enthusiasts by adding new types of content.  

There are many ways to enjoy golf, and just as many products that golfers are constantly looking for. Some bloggers prefer working with a single brand, as they find that easier to do. However, you can have partnerships with more than one affiliate program, as long as you can promote their products well in your blogs. 

If you are still unsure of what step to take next, learn more about how to start making money as an affiliate here

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