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How To Make Money With Clickbank: Full-Time Income as a Beginner

Are you wondering how to make money with Clickbank? If you have been learning about ways to make money and affiliate marketing, you have probably come across Clickbank and wonder how people actually use it to make money.

A quick Google search about making money with Affiliate Marketing, will show you lots of internet “gurus” teaching people how they allegedly make thousands every day with Clickbank. But…are those results real? And most importantly…can a beginner replicate those results without months of learning and setbacks?

In this article, I am going to share the truth about making money with Clickbank, what mistakes to avoid and how to realistically create a full-time income with this Affiliate network.

You will learn:

What is Clickbank?

Simply put, Clickbank is an affiliate network popular for its thousands of digitial products. As an affiliate network, they act as an intermediary between vendors and affiliates facilitating and promote their success.

Vendor can list their products on Clickbank’s Marketplace to find affiliates that want to promote them. At the same time, affiliates can join Clickbank to get access to promote all the affiliate offers listed.

How does Clickbank work?

From the point of view of someone trying to make money as an affiliate, which is what I will explain in this article, Clickbank works in the following way.

  • You apply to join Clickbank through a pretty straightforward process.
  • Once you are accepted, you are allowed to promote any of the affiliate offers in their Marketplace
  • For every offer, you’ll get a unique affiliate link (also known as Hoplink in Clickbank) which you can use to direct potential buyers to the offers as well as tracking your sales and commissions.
  • Your job as an affiliate will consist of driving traffic to the offers by getting people to click on your affiliate link
  • You can do this through multiple methods that can be split into two main categories: content creation or paid traffic. I will explain more about these methods later in the article.
  • When somebody clicks on your links and buy the product/ service, you receive a commission.

As you can see the process is pretty simple, the challenge is getting enough qualified traffic to your offers in order to make a significant income. But don’t worry, I’ll show you how in the step by step process I will share below.

Can you make money with Clickbank?

For sure, Clickbank was founded more than 20 years ago and affiliates make money through it every day.

However, you need to be careful about the offers you select since there are some sketchy looking landing pages that are not worth promoting since they will only waste your time and efforts.

In a similar way, lots of ‘internet-gurus’ tell people they are making multiple 6 figures/ month with the only purpose of selling a course so be wary of who you learn from.

That being said, there are some great and legit offers on Clickbank that you can use to make a full income online and way more. Once you find a winning offer and optimize your sales process, you can grow your income and profits every month.

Why is Clickbank so popular?

While there are thousands of affiliate programs and networks, Clickbank remains one of the most popular among affiliates. As a new affiliate trying to take the right steps to succeed, it is natural to wonder why people choose to promote their products instead of those from widely known companies like Amazon or other retailers.

One of the main reasons is that Clickbanks offers mostly digital products like courses and ebooks which are produced once and can be sold forever. This means that after recovering the initial investment, 100% of the revenue is profits. Higher profits equal higher affiliate commissions and Clickbank pays up to 75% in them.

Additionally, online education is one of the fastest-growing markets. It is worth well over US$100 billion, and is predicted to grow 28% for the next several years. This means that despite the high competition, there is enough demand for everyone to make money selling and promoting online courses like the ones from Clickbank.

Clickbank Pros & Cons

Overall I think Clickbank is a great option for new affiliates since it is really easy to get accepted and it pays good commission.

But before getting started with our Clickbank money-making guide let’s take a look at some of it benefits and withdrawals so you can make your own mind.

Clickbank ProsClickbank Cons
Easy to get accepted as a beginner. Doesn’t require a website or a large social media following. A mix of good and bad offers so you must know how to differentiate them.
Accepts affiliates from most countries and offers can also be sold worldwide.High competition on the best performing products.
High ticket offers and high commissions (up to 75%)Some scammy-looking sales pages for good products so you would need to create your own.
Possibility to increase your commission rate based on how many sales you make.
Offers with upsells and recurring commissions that increase the average cart value and help you make passive income for months.

How To Make Money With Clickbank?

As I mentioned before, Clickbank is an affiliate network with thousands of offers you can promote and earn commissions from. But…how do you actually succeed at making money instead of wasting your time and energy like some beginners.

In the following sections I will share some of the essential steps you need to follow in order to set up your affiliate business with Clickbank for success including selecting the right offers, setting up your sales process and generating qualified traffic that results in sales and commissions.

1. Create your Clickbank Account

The first step to making money with Clickbank is to create your account. Since Clickbank is an affiliate network, it has two types of accounts: Vendor and Affiliate.

In this case, you want to sign up as an affiliate so you can get access to promote all the existing offers.

Follow the nest steps to create your Clickbank Affiliate Account:

  • Go to Clickbank and click the “Sign Up” button on the top right corner.
how to make money with clickbank

  • After that, you will be redirected to the signup page where you can enter your personal information like your name, country, phone number, and email address. You’ll also need to read and accept the program term and conditions Before clicking on the “Join ClickBank” button.
how to make money with clickbank

  • Next, you will need to complete your ClickBank with your tax information so you can get paid. In this section, you’ll also choose what’s your goal for this account from the following choices :
    • Sell physical products
    • Sell digital products
    • Promote products as an affiliate
    • Promote products as an influencer
    • Do market research
  • Go ahead and choose “Promote products as an affiliate”.
how to make money with clickbank
  • Finally, it will ask you what your company’s annual revenue. If you have been making money as an entrepreneur before you can choose the options that suits your income, Otherwise you can simply go for the $0-$25k option.
how to make money with clickbank

  • After you click save your dashboard will be unlocked and you can now choose to create a new account or link it to an existing Clickbank account. (This is because you can have multiple Clickbank accounts for different purposes e.g. One to promote products as an affiliate and one to list your own offers as a vendor).

    In order to create new account, Click on “Create Account” button

how to make money with clickbank

  • You will then be asked to confirm the role of your Clickbank account one more time and to add your Nickname. Keep in mind your nickname will be your Account ID and it can’t be changed.
how to make money with clickbank

  • Click the “Create Account” button and you are now officially a Clickbank affiliate. Your account will now appear on your dashboard as shown in the image below.
how to make money with clickbank

  • On the next sidebar on the left you’ll find the icon for the Marketplace. This is where you’ll go to find the affiliate offers and on the next step I’ll show you how to select them in order to actually make money.
how to make money with clickbank
Marketplace icon inside Clickbank Dashboard

2. Choosing winning products

This is probably the most important step of the process since the products you promote can determine whether you succeed or fail at making money with Clickbank. No matter how good sales pages or emails are, if the product sucks, you are going to waste your time and money.

With a winning offer, you have more chances to succeed even as a beginner considering that you are still perfecting your skills and will optimize your process over time.

That being said, let’s explore how to choose the best possible Clickbank offers to promote.

a. Get familiarized with high-selling offers

Some people recommend choosing your niche first before you start looking for a product to promote but I think it is best to check products that are selling well in different categories before even trying to pick a niche.

This is going to help you find commonalities and identify the elements of a well-converting sales page which is key to determine whether a product converts or not.

To get started, go to Clickbank’s Marketplace page, and click on the “magnifying glass” button next to the search bar without typing anything to see all the existing offers.

how to make money with clickbank

By default, it will show the offers sorted by rank which means that these are the most popular offers.

Another attribute you can use to sort out offers is “gravity” which according to Clickbank relates to the number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by promoting the vendor’s products during the past 12 weeks. However, we don’t know the exact formula they use since this is just a reference and not an actual number of affiliates.

A high gravity number is definitely a good factor since it means that the offers is converting well for many affiliates and not just a few of them.

If you are thinking you should just choose the offer with the highest gravity and highest commission… it is not quite that simple. There are other factors to consider like competition, sales page, and more that we will discuss later.

For now, you can start by exploring offers based on Gravity and Rank to learn about the elements that make a good offer.

To check out an offer’s landing page which is what visitors would see, you can click the offer’s name at the top as shown in the image below. You want to also open the affiliate page which will include all the relevant information about the offer like promotional materials and information about the audience and rules of the program.

how to make money with clickbank

Go ahead and explore a few of the offers with a good gravity or rank and pay attention to the similarities. Here are some elements that these offers have in common and that are important for a high-converting offer and sales page:

  • They use a VSL or Video Sales Letter. Including a video on a landing page can increase conversions by more than 80% which is why most of these offers are using it to convey their message and help capture people’s attention.

    This doesn’t mean that every offer that has a video is going to work well but it is definitely something to look out for when considering what products to promote.
  • They have a concise and direct message. It is believed that visitors will give a website 7 seconds before they decide to stay or leave. In this time they must be able to understand what the website is about which is why most of these offers communicate their key message or benefit in a strong and simple headline.
  • They use testimonials. Social proof is key to build trust and increase conversions so you will find that most offers with a good gravity and rank will include them in the landing pages.
  • They sell based on emotions. People don’t buy a product based on features, even when it seems like a purchase is completely rational, there is an emotional motivation behind it.

    Affluence/Status, Reassurance, Time/Convenience, Pleasure, and Personal Empowerment are some of the strong motivators that drive people to buy. And if you take a look at some of the most popular offers, you will notice that they are either offering someone to move toward (or preventing from losing) these motivational emotions.
  • They provide promotional tools: You will also notice that most popular offers have an Affiliate Page where they provide promotional materials like images, videos, testimonials, emails swipes, etc. Some will also give you details on their audience in case you want to run paid ads on platforms like Google or Facebook.

    Even if you don’t end up using the materials they provide, this is a good sign that the vendors cares about their affiliates.

b. Choose you first a winning affiliate offer

After exploring the most popular offers and learning about the elements that make an affiliate offer successful, it’s time to choose the affiliate offer you want to promote.

By now, you should already have an idea of the type of offer or niche that you’d like to focus on. Additionally, here are some key aspects to consider when evaluating and choose your products.

1. Take gravity with a grain of salt

While it is definitely important to know that an offer is selling for other affiliates, a high gravity factor comes together with high competition. Plus, offers can become ‘trendy’ to the point that lots of affiliates start jumping on them and making sales but that doesn’t mean they are being profitable.

A gravity factor of 20 or more is a good way of knowing that an offer can sell which is all you need to know.

2. Choose a niche you are comfortable with

You don’t need to be passionate or an expert in a niche like some would say in order to promote affiliate products. But it is helpful that you are familiar with it since that will help you understand the audience, its problems and needs, how they communicate and what’s the best way to present the product.

Alternatively, you can also choose a niche that’s new for you but that you are interested in. Consider that you should spend some time learning about the niche before promoting the offers so make sure that it is something that you won’t get bored or tired of.

3. Affiliate Tools

A good affiliate page and resources won’t just help you be more successful but are also a good indicator that the vendor cares about affiliates and their success. This means that they will provide support if you ever need it and that you can negotiate a better commission rate in the future if you are bringing them significant sales.

4. Great sales page

As I mentioned before, a good sales page is key for a high-converting offer. You won’t be certain that a product sells until you start sending some significant traffic but their sales pages is one if the best elements you have to judge an offer.

A good landing page has a clear and direct message that promises to solve one specific problem as well as a checkout page that’s easy and convenient.

5. Commissions

Last but not least, we are doing this for money so you want to consider the commissions the offers is paying. On ever offer you are going to find a few data points for what’s the initial conversi’on, the average conversion and the recurring bill if there is one.

how to make money with clickbank

These terms can be confusing so here is what each of them mean according to Clickbank:

  • Avg $/Conversion:
    This number is the average commission that an affiliate earns for each conversion to the vendor’s offer, which includes the earnings from all sales (initial sales, upsells, and rebills). 
  • Initial $/Conversion:
    This number is the average commission an affiliate initially earns for each conversion to the vendor’s offer, including the commission from any upsells or order bumps that result from the first sale. This does not include affiliate earnings from any rebill payments of subscription products.
  • Recurring $/Rebill:
    This number is the average commission an affiliate earns for each rebill payment of the vendor’s product(s). This number is only shown if the vendor offers recurring products, such as memberships and subscriptions that regularly bill customers over time. 

Additionally, you’ll only find the exact commission rate on the affiliate page as in the example below.

how to make money with clickbank

While the commissions are important, they won’t matter if the offer doesn’t sell, so make sure to prioritize factors like the sales pages and the actual product when deciding what offer to promote.

c. Grab your affiliate link

Once you have chosen your offer, you can go ahead an grab your affiliate link by clicking on the “Promote” button.

how to make money with clickbank

Then, a pop up tab will appear where you’ll need to type your Account Nickname before you can click on the button to generate your affiliate link aka Hoplink inside of Clickbank.

how to make money with clickbank

Here, you can also add a tracking link and generate as many as you want. This is in case you want to use different platforms, creatives or traffic sources and want to see which one is performing better.

For example if I were to use Facebook ads together with an email campaign, I would use a separate ID for each one so I could visualize where the sales are coming from.

3. Your sales funnel

Once you have selected the Clickbank product you want to promote, how do you actually make sales and therefore earn commissions?

A lot of new affiliates try to go the ‘easy’ route by simply sharing their affiliate links in their personal social media profiles, online forums or blog comments. This strategy rarely works since very few people will end up clicking their links and even less buying the products.

Others will try to use paid ads such as Facebook’s, Google’s or other platform and linking directly to the affiliate page but this method has its own issues. To begin, most advertising platforms don’t allow affiliate links to be use as the destination URL for ads. So even if the ads get approved at first, they end up being cancelled or worse, banned.

More importantly, these strategies failed to understand two key elements of marketing and sells.

  • A person needs to ‘hear’ from a company 6 to 7 times before deciding to make a purchase so you need to find a way to follow up with potential buyers.
  • Unless you are a widely popular brand like Apple or Nike, you need to build trust with your potential buyers by providing value first.

This is why you need a sales funnel that offers something of value in exchange for people’s emails at the same time that qualifies those who might be interested in the offer.

How to use a sales funnel for making money with Clickbank?

A sales funnel is a series of steps or marketing strategies that help you make more sales and therefore more money. As I mentioned before most customers won’t buy the product the first time they hear about it or visit the page.

By following up with them, addressing their possible doubts, and earning their trust, you have a greater chance of them buying the product.

Here is an example of how a sales funnels works for Clickbank offers:

Lead Magnet

The first step is a simple opt-in page where you offer a free item in exchange for the visitor’s email. Naturally, the ‘freebie’ or lead magnet is related to the offer you are promoting and serves as a filter to qualify potential buyers.

The premise behind a ‘lead magnet’ is that those who are interested enough to put their emails, will most likely also be interested in the affiliate offer.

For example, say you are promoting a Clickbank offer that promises a cure for shin splints. You can then offer a free pdf with “6 Mistakes Runners do that cause Shin Splints”.

Redirect to Clickbank offer

On the next step, you direct those that opted-in to the website of the Clickbank offer (through your affiliate link) so if they decide to buy the product, you will get a commission.

Alternatively, you can also use a bridge page in between step 1 and step 2 where you include a video of yourself presenting and pre-selling the offer. This can help increase conversions since there is a human endorsing the product and they are more predisposed to pay attention to it.

If they decide to buy the offer at that point, great! but if not, that’s not a problem since you already have their emails and you can now follow up with them.

Retargeting (optional)

Using Facebook or any other ad platfrom retargeting service, you can create audiences of people who visited the offer’s page but didn’t buy and you can advertise to them for about 30 days.

These ads have a high conversion rate since the audience is are already familiar with the offer and has shown interest in the solution.

If you have ever visited a website and then started seeing ads for it on Social Media, this is exactly what retargeting is.

Email Campaign

Since you are collecting emails on your opt-in page, you can now follow up with those who were interested in your lead magnet but didn’t buy the Clickbank product.

These people have already shown to be a potential client by entering their emails so by sending a few emails, you can convince them that the offer is the solution to their problems (which you know because they downloaded the lead magnet) and eliminate potential obstacles.

Note: If you don’t have an email marketing service yet, I recommend ActiveCampaign for affiliate marketers, it’s far superior to other email software and offers a free trial so you can see how you like it.

When you first start testing an offer, you can use an email campaign of 5 parts which is enough to see how the offer converts.

Here is an idea on how to set up your emails:

  • Email 1: Send the lead magnet that you offered and ask if they saw the video on the Clickbank offer. Use it as an opportunity to tell them you’ll be in touch so they know what to expect.
  • Email 2: Tell them more about the features and benefits of the affiliate offers and how it can help with their problem or needs.
  • Email 3: Share a testimonial to explain how the product can impact someone’s life to help them imagine what it can do for them. Talk about how the person in the example feels now and ask them what would they do with those results.
  • Email 4: Use scarcity to motivate them to purchase. You can offer special bonuses or use a time deadline saying you won’t know how long the offer will be available for. The goal is to make them feel scared of losing the opportunity.
  • Bonus: After the email sequence, you now have an idea of how well the offer converts based on the number of people who opted-in to your lead magnet, and how many end up buying.

Regardless of how the offer performs, you are building a highly targeted email list to whom you can sell other products in the same niche forever. Marketers earn $1-$5/motnht per subscribers so, with this method, you are not only making money in the short them but building a sustainable long term business.

This might seem like a lot of work but you only need to set it up once and then your whole sales process is automated. You don’t need to worry about selling, sending emails, or anything. Your sales funnel will do it all for you on autopilot and you can simply see the commissions appear.

All you need to do now is bring people to your lead magnet or opt-in page which is what I’ll explain in the next step.

4. Traffic: getting potential customers into your funnel

Once that you have your sales funnel set up, all you need to do is bring people into it or what is know in marketing as ‘create traffic’.

When you are setting up your money-making system with Clickbank, this step comes last since you need to have the funnel ready first, But, in real life, it is the other way around as you can see in the graphic below.

The great thing about setting up your funnel first is that you can focus on generating traffic and let your sales funnel do the rest.

When it comes to traffic generation strategies there are many (many) methods that you can use but they can be categorized into two main types: Paid advertisement and content creation.

4.1. Paid Advertising

As the name suggests, Paid advertising is the one you pay for. In this case affiliate marketers pay the owner of the platform for using of their space on a pay-per-click (PPC), or pay-per-impression (PPI) basis.

Here are some of the most popular platforms the you can consider for paid:

a. Facebook

Is the biggest social media network worldwide so it has the advantage of working for almost any type of niche and product. At the same time, because of its penetration, it allows marketers to reach huge audiences and scale their campaigns without problems.

On the down-side, there is a lot of competition so the advertising costs are always increasing which can make it challengin to be profitable whenyou are leanring the platform.

Additionally, they have pretty strict policies and not good customer support for advertisers which can generate lots of obstacles.

b. Google

Contrary to Facebook where ads are kind of ‘in the way’ if people’s scrolling, with Google, you can make your ads appear for specific searches so they’ll be shown to people who are actively for either a solution or an answer.

On the downside, searches that have a high purchase intention like product reviews or comparisons have a lot of competition so the costs are also really high.

Google also have strict policies when it comes landing pages and affiliate marketing so make sure to review them and have your opt-in oage be compliant so your ads can get approved.

c. Native Ads

Native advertising is a type of advertising that matches the look of the platform upon which it appears. These type of ads are usually found in media outlets and are designed to appears as another piece od news.

Native ads are usually much more friendly with affiliates and their rules are less strict. There’s also a wide variety of netwroks for these types of ads so affiliates have more options to choose from and the costs are lower when compared to Facebook or Google.

The only drawback of native ads is that the targetting is less refined and can take longer to get it right but it can work great for offers that appeal to very broad audiences.

d. Others Paid Advertising Platforms

Other platforms for paid ads include Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tiktok…basically any platform with an audience has its own ads and each one of them has its own pros, cons, and learning curve.

The best one for your offer will be the one that you are most comfortable with and where you know you will find your potential buyers.

Paid Advertisment ProsPaid Advertisment Cons
On-demand traffic. You can get traffic overnight and increase it as you wish according to your budget. You need a budget to get started and will probably lose some while you learn and optimize your ads.
You need to invest less time when compared to creating content.High competition increases the costs.
You are not dependant on algorithm changes like you are with other methods.You are more regulated by the policies of the platforms you use.
Highly specific targetting available on most platforms.

4.2. Content Creation

The second way to generate traffic to your affiliate offers consists of creating content that attracts potential buyers through a blog, a Youtube channel, a social media profile, a podcast, etc.

The goal of this strategy is to build an audience of loyal followers that are interested in the niche and therefore will also be interested in the offers you promote.

More importantly, content creation helps you build trust with your audience by offering value first which increases the chances of them buying any product you recommend.

Here are some. of the most popular platforms you can use for this method:

a. A Blog

If you have ever wondered how bloggers make money, one of the most common and profitbale ways is affiliate marketing.

By writing about the offer you are promoting and related topics, you can get free traffic and then direct your visitors to your affiliate offer opt-in page. Blogs get most of their visitors from Google so people who come to your blog are already looking for an answer or solution that you can provide.

Blogs can take a while to rank on Google but once they do, they can be a great source of passive traffic and therefore, passive income.

Recommended: Bloggers’ Guide To Affiliate Marketing: Easiest Way To Passive Income

b. Youtube

Youtube can be considered the equivalent of a blog but for videos. It also works as a search engine so you can get targeted traffic from people who are already looking for a solution to their problems.

You can place a link to your opt-in page in the description and invite people to visit it to download your lead magnet.

Youtube videos can take 6-8 months to rank in the top results but they can get you free traffic and therefore, commissions, for years.

c. Social Media

You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok to create content related to your niche and build an audience of potential buyers. As long as you are creating valuable, interesting, or entertaining content, people are going to be happy to follow you and check out the offers you recommend.

Recommended: Affiliate Marketing On Facebook: Best Strategies To Make Sales

Whenever a new social platform appears, it’s easier to grow and earn a following. Right now, that’s the case of TikTok so it is a great opportunity for new affiliates. If you are looking to take advantage of this unique possibility, I recommend checking out this training for just $1

d. Pinterest

Pinterest is sometimes mistaken for a social media network but it really is a search engine (like Google and Youtube) which means that you can create pins related to your offer and optimize it with related keywords so it will appear in search results.

You can use it to direct people to your opt-in page and get them inside your funnel but it tends to work better when you haveseveral URLs to link to so it can also work great paired with a blog.

Content Creation ProsContent Creation Cons
Zero to little investment needed. It takes more time to create the content and to start getting traffic.
Can generate passive income for years.Harder to scale.
No risk since all you need to do is put in some time and work.

As you can see, there are many methods you can use to drive traffic to your funnels and affiliate offers depending on your preferences. Regardless of which one you choose, the results are going to come given the time if you are consistent which is why I recommend sticking to just one method until you have mastered it, before thinking of adding a second one.

Making money with Clickbank FAQ

Can you make money on ClickBank without a website?

The short answer is yes, in this article I have outline many methods to make money on Clickbank and only one of those requires a website.

I do recommend that you use a sales funnels to collect people’s emails before directing them to the Clickbank offer. This will allow you to follow up with them and increase your sales. At the same time, you’ll be building an email list to whom you can promote other products forever and create a long-term business.

You can use drag-and-drop funnel builders like Clickfunnels that make it super easy for anyone without previous experience to create landing pages and sales funnels. Get a free 14-day trial here.

How much does it cost to join ClickBank?

Joining Clickbank as an affiliate is completely free. On the other hand, vendors that want to sell their products in ClickBank are charged a one-time activation fee of $49.95.

How much does ClickBank pay per click?

Clickbank does not pays based on clicks but instead, they pay a commission for every sale that is made after a customer clicks on your affiliate link and visits the offer’s page.

There is a factor called Earnings Per Click (EPC) that can cause this confusion but that is just a reference of how much other affiliates are earning on average.

According to Clickbank: “EPC is essentially how much revenue has been generated based on how many clicks have been sent to a particular link or received on a particular link.”

How can I earn money from ClickBank fast?

The best way to make commission fast is to use paid traffic since you can get views to your offers overnight but keep in mind that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme and even methods like paid advertising take time to learn and optimize as a beginner.

If you want to accelerate your results and avoid newbie mistakes, I suggest following the guidance of someone who is already successful at this. This 15-day online business builder is taught by multiple 7-figure affiliate marketer David Sharpe and will tell you what to do step-by-step for $7


Making Money with Clickbank is a great way to get started with affiliate makrketing and create a real online business.

There are many methods you can use but what’s most important is that you stay consistent and results will come.

Affiliate Marketing has allowed my to quit my job and travel the world for 3 years full time (before covid). But most importantly, it has lifted the worry of money of my shoulders and given me space to enjoy life on my own terms.

how to make money with clickbank

No matter what your goals are, whether that is to pay off your debt, quit your job, spend more time with your loved ones or live an abundant life. If you take the leap and put in the work. you’ll be able to do it.

how to make money with clickbank

If you don’t want to figure it all on your own, check out this 15-day challenge that’ll help you kickstart your business, set up your automated sales funnels, and start getting results fast.

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