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8 High-Paying Weight Loss Affiliate Programs To Make Money Promoting

Are you looking for the best weight-loss affiliate programs to increase your income through affiliate marketing?

With lots of niches on the market, the weight loss niche stands out as one of the highest paying and most profitable ones that you can give a try.

Weight loss is a major interest for people of all ages, lifestyles, and walks of life. As a result, this niche represents a growing market that was worth about 192.2 billion dollars in 2019. This means that it represents a profitable option if you want to market weight loss affiliate programs.

There are many programs and products to choose from, and specializing in the right option will help you earn enough money to embark on your journey as a successful weight loss affiliate marketer.

So, which programs should you promote? How much money can you make? And what is the best way to increase your income through promoting these programs?

Keep on reading to learn the answers to all these questions.

Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

By examining the data of monthly search volumes, there’s a lot of research that involves weight loss-related keywords. This means that whether you’re a beginner or experienced content creator, or blogger, there’s a big opportunity to establish your name in the weight loss and fitness industry by making offers to promote the right products.

We researched the market to find the best weight loss affiliate programs that represent a lucrative opportunity to make money through sales commissions. These programs offer different aspects of healthy living, from eating habits and recipes to weight loss supplements, so the person buying them will be able to achieve their weight loss goals.

Here are our top picks.

1.   Diet Direct

weight loss affiliate programs

Diet Direct is a popular weight loss affiliate program because it offers low-calorie snacks, protein bars, desserts, shakes, and drinks to help people monitor and control their calorie intake. It also offers meal plans and recipes in addition to supplements to help people lose extra weight while staying healthy and active.

Lots of obese people prefer to join this program because it offers various diet programs that suit different lifestyles and health conditions. In addition, it’s an easy-to-follow program with multiple food options and diet plans designed by nutritionists to offer the best weight loss benefits.

The diet plan offers multiple tasty meals that are delivered right to the customers’ doorsteps, in addition to supplements that can help keep their health in check. As a result, it can attract several people since it offers more versatility than other diet programs.

Why Is This a Good Offer to Promote?

This program results in high conversions because it’s quite popular. It offers a 10% commission on initial sales, and through the same link, you can earn 5% from returning customers.

The program focuses on improving the customers’ shopping experience by guaranteeing satisfaction through reliable delivery. It’s also free to join and easy to track, as once you join, all the sales through your link will have an identifiable tag to facilitate sales tracking.

How to Promote It?

This is an excellent program to promote if you create lifestyle content. Sharing before and after pictures and recipe ideas on your Instagram account will be an excellent way to explain the benefits of this program.

What Audience Would it Be Good For?

Since this program minimizes guesswork, it’s an excellent choice for busy professionals, overwhelmed parents, and anyone who has no time for meal planning and preparation. The meals are delivered, and most of them are almost ready. As a result, customers won’t have to struggle to stick to the diet plan.

2.   Vitauthority

weight loss affiliate programs

Vitauthority is an excellent wellness and weight loss program that offers various weight loss supplements for those who want to lose weight healthily. The program also offers a lot of natural products that promote fast and healthy weight loss.

People love this program because they can make customized bundles for more versatile options. These supplements help with detoxing, losing weight, maintaining weight loss, and increasing the rate of metabolism.

Most of the supplements have a high satisfaction rate, and the program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee which makes it more trustworthy. People who buy supplements can save up to 20% through their customized bundles.

Why Is This a Good Offer to Promote?

When you become a Vitambassador, your performance will qualify you to belong to one of the program’s three different tiers. For the first tier, you’ll receive a 12% commission, turnover over $200 In sales per month, 25% off coupon, 11% off coupon for your followers, and 5% commission on recurring sales.

Your initial commission will be 15% for the second tier, and it will increase to 18% when you qualify for the third tier. With an average order total of $63, it’s easy to make about $12 per sale.

How to Promote It?

Posting information about the benefits of the different supplements on your lifestyle blog or wellness YouTube channel will be a good way to promote this weight loss program.

What Audience Would it Be Good For?

This is an excellent program for men and women who are interested in losing weight and practicing different sports. The supplements are designed to suppress cravings and achieve weight loss goals while providing the body with the needed nutrients to boost energy and improve stamina.

3.   Weight Loss Evolved

weight loss affiliate programs

Weight Loss Evolved is a trustworthy weight loss program that gained a lot of followers because it was designed and developed by real physicians. As a matter of fact, weight loss clinics have been using this program to help patients lose weight, thanks to its guaranteed results.

For someone who is trying to lose stubborn weight or maintain weight loss goals, this program represents an excellent opportunity as it offers healthy lifestyle hacks that can help change the way the body reacts to food over a period of 14 weeks.

In addition to the weight loss plans, customers will receive videos and other materials to help them achieve their weight loss goals during the duration of the program.

Why Is This a Good Offer to Promote?

The signup process is easy, and which makes this program appealing for beginner promoters. Since this program is backed up by science, making money by promoting it will be straightforward. The average sale is about $397, allowing you to gain an average commission of $119.

For all these reasons, this program represents an excellent chance for affiliate marketing, as it offers a whopping 30% commission with an average conversion rate of 16%.

The commission rate is more than what most affiliate programs offer, and you can expect to make 5 sales per month with zero effort. Moreover, by becoming a promoter, you’ll be a member of a small exclusive group, so you will have a better chance of earning money without competing with other affiliate marketers. The website is also planning to offer more diet plans and products, thus creating an opportunity for upsells.

How to Promote It?

You can promote this program by posting content about the modified exercise plans and diet recipes. If you have a blog, Instagram page, or YouTube channel, you can share tips from the website’s blog section to promote the program.

What Audience Would it Be Good For?

This program is designed for entrepreneurs and active people who need medical proof to choose the perfect diet plan. Weight loss goals are achieved over a long period, but the results are guaranteed, so it works for those who want to maintain their weight loss goals after finishing the program.

4.   Weight Watchers

weight loss affiliate programs

Weight Watchers is probably one of the most famous weight loss programs on the market. Since its release in 1963, Weight Watchers has gained a lot of fans through its tried and trustworthy methods.

The idea is simple, as the program allows people to watch their calorie intake to identify unhealthy eating patterns and make efficient yet straightforward adjustments to lose and maintain weight.

The program is backed up by a personalized app that tracks food, activity, sleep, and mindset to achieve the customized weight loss goal. Lots of people prefer to join this program because different pricing plans allow them to choose the most appropriate one.

Why Is This a Good Offer to Promote?

Weight Watchers is free to join, and the program will support you with the needed tools to help promote your link. The program teams up with Commission Junction for real-time reporting to allow you to test the performance of your links.

For someone who is still taking their first step in the weight loss market, this program represents a lucrative opportunity because it’s backed by the reviews and feedback of hundreds of celebrities and customers who enjoyed satisfactory results after following the program. However, it’s only available for affiliate promotion if you’re located in the US.

The program allows you to add your links to multiple websites and platforms. Although the program provides a flat commission rate of $10, it guarantees more return rate since it’s quite popular.

How to Promote It?

This program can be promoted by adding links to your blog, YouTube channel, or social media account. If you’re involved in lifestyle or wellness, this program will be one of the top choices as it focuses on lifestyle changes to help people lose weight.

What Audience Would it Be Good For?

This weight loss program is suitable for those on a tight budget because there are multiple pricing plans to choose from, and there’s an option to pay later for the subscription. It’s also suitable for those who are concerned about their overall wellness because it focuses on changing the overall lifestyle to achieve weight loss goals.

5.   BistroMD

BistroMD is a potent wellness and weight loss program that delivers tasty and healthy diet meals to help customers lose and maintain weight. There are different programs for men and women, with the ability to choose between a 7-day program, 5-day program, or a customized program to suit every customer’s lifestyle. All the meals are delivered right to the customer’s doorstep. 

The diet loss plan is developed by a real doctor to guarantee that customers will be receiving all their nutritional needs as they’re working towards attaining their weight loss goals. People love this program because they receive individualistic support to address their problems while following the plan. Moreover, there’s a social media community that customers can join to ask questions.

One of the reasons why this program is so popular is that it’s extremely convenient. There’s also a health library where participants can learn anything they need to know about weight loss and healthy living.

Why Is This a Good Offer to Promote?

This program is free to join, and as an affiliate promoter, you’ll receive support from a dedicated program manager. There’s no minimum limit for sales, and you will receive a flat rate of $45 per sale. Moreover, the program offers occasional bonus incentives and monthly promotional offers.

The program provides attention-grabbing banners and solid offers that keep it in high demand compared to other weight loss programs. This kind of support makes it an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced affiliate promoters.

How to Promote It?

This program can be promoted across different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Thanks to the occasional promotions, you can design a successful email marketing campaign to promote this program to your blog subscribers.

What Audience Would it Be Good For?

This program is a suitable choice for those who believe that food is medicine and understand that a balanced diet is a key to healthy weight loss. If you have a big audience of working parents and busy professionals, this program will be the perfect choice for your audience because the meals are delivered to your subscribers’ doorsteps.

6.   Doctors Weight Loss

Doctors Weight Loss is a comprehensive program that offers various diet plans for different health issues and lifestyles. When customers subscribe, they receive customized meal plans that are available in 3 different categories. Doctors design the plans to satisfy dietary needs, and customers receive supplements to aid with weight loss.

The online clinic provides exceptional guidance, so customers can keep track of their weight loss progress. Moreover, they can shop for different shakes, drinks, desserts, and snacks. 

It’s one of the easiest programs to follow because it’s fully customizable. There’s a chance to talk directly to an expert in a zoom meeting to provide one-to-one consultation. Receiving tailored and personalized advice will guarantee better results when customers follow this weight loss program.

Why Is This a Good Offer to Promote?

The affiliate program is free to join and pays up to 12% in commission for referred sales. The system is easy to use, even if you’re a first-time promoter.

With an average sale value of $139, you can earn up to $20 per sale. Once you join, you can download the links and banners to promote them on your platform. Following up with your affiliate program is easy because the program incorporates a third-party application that keeps track of links that are no longer working.

How to Promote It?

The links can be posted to your website or social media account, especially that the program provides various discount offers. You can also share some of the real-life testimonials on your Instagram account to help people explore the potential of this program.

If you have a YouTube channel, you can schedule a Zoom meeting for a Live Questions and Answers session. You can also post a Live video to your Facebook page.

What Audience Would it Be Good For?

This program is suitable for those who want to make lifestyle changes. Since subscribers receive medical guidance from a nutritionist, this can be an excellent choice for men and women with different health issues or special dietary needs.

7.   Diet To Go

weight loss affiliate programs

Diet To Go is a complete weight loss program with meals delivered right to the subscribers’ doorsteps. It’s a versatile program that allows customers to customize their diet menus and switch options based on their preferences and dietary needs.

Food is appropriately selected and prepared by experienced chefs to be delivered fresh. All the meals are ready to be eaten within a couple of minutes. Customers can either pick up their meals at selected locations or have the ingredients delivered so they can prepare their meals at home.

With 4 different diet plans to choose from, this program is suitable for people of all ages and health concerns. Customers also have access to registered nutritionists and health coaches to help them keep track of their weight loss goals.

Why Is This a Good Offer to Promote?

The flat commission rate of $40 per sale is a good choice for beginner promoters. Moreover, the program offers larger occasional bonuses, with a chance of earning up to $1000. It’s a suitable choice for any social media influencer or someone who owns a blog that shares personal stories.

It can also be a good chance for an offline promoter, like someone who owns a wellness-related business or a nutrition clinic. The program tracks all your activity, and there’s a dedicated team to handle any issues as they arise.

How to Promote It?

Since it’s so versatile, links to this program and its occasional promotions can be posted to your social media accounts or blog. You can also advertise this program at your wellness store or website.

What Audience Would it Be Good For?

This weight loss program would be a good choice for someone who is confused about committing to a potent yet fun weight loss plan that they can easily follow. It’s suitable for busy people who have unique dietary concerns as they can pick up the ingredients or have the plans delivered to their doorsteps.

8.   Jet Fuel Meals

weight loss affiliate programs
  • Commission Rate: An average of $45
  • Cookie Length: 30 days
  • Link to Join:

Jet Fuel Meals is a popular weight loss program because it caters to the needs of busy people. The program offers multiple meal plans based on individual dietary needs. Meal macros and components are listed, so people can choose the most suitable diet option.

There are various pricing plans available and customers can also check the blog for information about food and maintaining a healthy weight. Customers can also complement their diet with health shots that help boost metabolism or improve immunity. 

Food and drinks are delivered in insulated bags and packed with ice to guarantee safety and freshness. Moreover, subscriptions can be charged weekly or monthly.

Why Is This a Good Offer to Promote?

The average pricing plan is between $43 and $170, which means that as a promoter, you can expect to make an average of $45 per sale. As a beginner promoter, this will be a suitable option.

Compared to other weight loss programs, this one stands out because it offers some special meal plans that suit kids and people with special diet needs. If you have a family-related platform or blog, you can definitely promote this program.

How to Promote It?

The health blog offers useful content that you can share on your YouTube channel or social media account. Showing pictures from the amazing meal plans will definitely attract interested customers.

What Audience Would it Be Good For?

This is an excellent weight loss program for a family that is trying to maintain or lose weight. The meal plans cover special diet needs for people who might be interested in pescetarian meals or someone who is trying to get in shape for a competition.

How to Make Money with Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is a great chance to make money while promoting your business and increasing its exposure. Choosing the right program and promoting it properly represents a good opportunity to earn a steady income.

However, there’s a common misconception about affiliate program marketing. It’s true that you can make money while you’re sleeping or spending your vacation, but you can’t make money unless you put in the needed effort.

Affiliate marketing refers to the process of earning money from an online retailer for promoting their product or service. The retailer pays you a commission for sales generated from your referrals. This means that instead of promoting your own products or services, you use your platform to promote another website’s products and services.

So how is this done?

  1. You recommend the product or service to your followers through your platform, website, or email campaign.
  2. Your followers trust your recommendation, so they head to the website and purchase the product through your affiliate link.
  3. The retailer tracks the sales made using your links and pays you a commission.

But to achieve success, there are a few things that you need to do to guarantee that your affiliate marketing efforts are generating the desired outcome. Here are the right steps to make money with weight loss affiliate programs.

  • Your website, blog, vlog, YouTube channel, or social media platform should provide authentic and new content that the audience finds useful. Spending time building your website and creating its content will help you establish your name in the niche.
  • Research the market to pick a suitable weight loss program. For example, if your website is focusing on mindfulness and wellness, you can promote a weight loss program that focuses on switching to healthy weight options by substituting meals and snacks.
  • Do the required research and understand all the details of the weight loss program you’re promoting. Links should be inserted strategically, with real-life proof to show that the program actually works.
  • You can earn more affiliate income without actually increasing your website’s traffic by increasing your conversion rate. A conversion optimization software that creates popup campaigns that encourage your audience to visit the affiliate product’s website can increase your affiliate income.

Best Platforms to Promote Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

Choosing the right platform to promote your weight loss affiliate program will have a huge impact on your sales. The idea is to pick the most suitable and attractive platform to attract the target audience and use the right techniques to advertise your links.


By creating useful and original content, your audience will trust the links you promote and accordingly press the link to buy your products or services. It’s recommended to insert the affiliate links strategically, preferably at the beginning of the article. This way, you can guarantee that your audience will learn about your affiliate offer even if they don’t read the whole article.


If you have an Instagram page devoted to your wellness or healthy living business or vlog, you can add a permanent affiliate link in your Bio, so your audience can press it to learn more about your offers. Instagram also allows users to create promoted posts to reach more users.

You can also insert a link as a swipe-up option in your story, but this option works only if you have a business account with more than 10,000 followers. Including videos in your posts or before and after images is a good way to promote your affiliate programs.


Whether you have a Facebook Page or Facebook Group, you can promote your affiliate links by promoting posts or posting videos to talk about the product. You can also post links to your website, where you share real-life reviews about the weight loss program you’re promoting.


It’s a good idea to create a sponsored post to promote your program as part of your Twitter campaign. Posting links to videos with reviews or how-to tips will encourage your audience to press the link and check out your promoted content.


As a promoter, you can promote your affiliate links in your YouTube videos using multiple approaches. First, you can include your affiliate link in the description of a video that talks specifically about the problem this product is trying to solve. Links should be followed by CTAs to encourage people to press the link and make a purchase.

Cards can also be used to promote links, but YouTube will only allow links from reputable sources to be posted on end cards. You can also post the link in the comments section or use the community tab to share images and updates.

Final Thoughts

The weight loss niche is promising and growing, so it represents an excellent opportunity to increase your income by promoting the right weight loss affiliate program.

With lots of options available, you need to do the required research to choose an appropriate program that suits your platform and provides value to your target audience.

Once you pick the program, you need to work on optimizing your content to build a trustworthy image of the program you’re promoting and your overall content. 

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