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Every Possible Way To Make Money With Clickfunnels. [Beginner Friendly]

Have you been hearing about people making money with Clickfunnels and are wondering how you could do the same?

There are many ways to make money with this great tool, starting from multiplying the sales of an already established business to create your own product or use it to improve your affiliate marketing strategies.

The alternatives of making money with Clickfunnels are as big as your own vision and creativity but in this article, I am gonna share the best 10 ways to create an online income with it so you can get started today.

Before we get started on the money-making strategies let’s take a quick overview of Clickfunnels.

What is Clickfunnels and how does it work?

To put it simply, Clickfunnels is a funnel-building software that makes it easy for anyone without previous design, programming or marketing knowledge to create and optimize a sales funnel.

It is based on the premise that creating a ‘value-ladder’ of lower-to-higher-priced (and value) offers facilitates the sales process and also creates loyal lifetime customers.

For a more detailed explanation of all of Clickfunnels’ functionalities and benefits make sure to check this article.

On a second note, Clickfunnels also has one of the best affiliate programs out there so we are going to talk about both ways of making money with it:

  1. Using the Software
  2. Promoting the Software

These two options will often overlap as you will notice in the article but, for clarity purposes, I’ll try to make the necessary distinction.

Making Money With Clickfunnels

1. Become a funnel builder

Literally, every business out there can benefit greatly from a sales funnels. This means you have thousands of opportunities to make money while also helping someone else improve their business.

While Clickfunnels is a very intuitive and easy-to-use software —meaning any business owner could build their funnels by themselves— some of them would much rather focus on other parts of their business and pay an expert to take care of the funnel building for them.

As a funnel builder, you will not only help people the technical part but, after understanding the strategy and importance behind sales funnels, you will be able to help them and offer them advice regarding their whole offer and selling approach.

The best way to improve your skills and knowledge as an expert funnel builder —besides practice— is to learn from Russell Brunson himself. His Book DotCom Secrets is the foundation of everything he teaches and you can get a free copy here.

And if you want the Clickfunnels hand-on training they have a One Funnel Away Challenge with 30 days of the best value teaching out there for $100.

The more you learn and train yourself, the more value you will be able to give and the more you can charge for your services. Funnel Builders can charge from $500 to $5000 depending on your expertise level.

2. Sell funnel templates

how to make money with clickfunnels
Clickfunnels Marketplace

Clickfunnel has a marketplace where anybody can sell their template so If you have some design skills you can make good use of them to create some eye-catching funnels and list them there.

It is a place where people who want to write and optimize their own funnels but would rather star with an already professionally-designed template.

There are hundreds of niches and template types you can offer. Some of the most common ones are real state, insurance, dentists, trainers, and chiropractors. But don’t let these limit you, as you know every business needs a sales funnels and you can create a template for them.

Besides listing them on the market place you can also find buyers by networking in Facebook groups, LinkedIn or business-specific forums.

The beauty of this strategy is that once you create a design it can be sold infinite times so it becomes a passive source of income.

For some inspiration around what sort of funnel templates are more successful just check the marketplace for the better rated. Also, typically the ones with most reviews would the ones that have been sold more times.

3. Become a funnel-copywriter

Copy is one of the most important parts of a funnel. Some marketers would even say it is the most important, and I agree. Even if your offer and audience have been perfectly chosen, if you can not communicate the value of your product in a way that connects with them and addresses possible objections, your offer won’t sell.

If you have experience with copywriting or it is something that you want to learn about, you will definitely find a lot of demand for your services.

Learning to write high-converting copy for funnels is not easy but that is why it is a very sought-after skill. If you want to learn from the man behind Clickfunnels copy you can get a free copy of Copywriting Secrets here.

Clickfunnels also has a copywriting software called Funnel Scripts where you basically plug your message keywords and get a list of possible headlines and copy ready-made for you.

If you can invest in it, you can use it to write copy for your clients while you learn to do it on your own.

4. Sell affiliate products

If you are not familiar with Affiliate Marketing, it basically means you promote another company’s product and get a commission every time a sale is made from your referrals. When you join an affiliate program you receive your own link which you will use to direct people to the brand’s site and will also serve to track your commissions.

The laziest and less profitable way to do affiliate marketing is to send people directly to this link whether it is from a paid or a free traffic source. Not only this is not allowed in some affiliate programs and traffic sources like Facebook and Google Ads, but it is also inefficient.

Let’s say you find a traffic source and company that allows you to ‘direct link’ (which is how this is known), you’ll only have one chance to get that sale and commission. If someone clicked your link and didn’t buy in that moment, that potential customer is gone.

This is where you can use Clickfunnels to improve and grow your affiliate business.

how to make money with clickfunnels
Example of a bridge page for a weight loss product. Email pop-up appears when clicking the buttons.

Instead of sending people directly to your affiliate link, you can use one of Clickfunnels templates to create a bridge page: a page that goes in between your traffic source and your affiliate landing page.

Using a bridge page will allow you to:
1. Be able to use ads such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram
2. Collect email so you can follow up with potential buyers on that and other offers in the same niche, increasing your sales and profits.

This can take 2 minutes using one of Clickfunnels templates and can make all the difference between a non-profitable and a profitable business.

Make sure to check out this article to get more ideas for your bridge page and some free templates.

5. Sell your own digital product

Are you an expert in something people want to learn about? Selling your own product is one of the best ways of making money online and Clickfunnels is the perfect platform to do it.

Unless you are famous, people are not gonna buy your $997 course the first time they come across it. But using a sales funnels allows you to guide people along a customer’s journey from interested prospects to loyal buyers.

This is achieved by creating smaller, lower-cost offers in the ‘front-end’ and building a relationship with the customer so when you put your high-ticket ‘back-end’ offer in from of them they are ready to buy it.

Clickfunnels is literally built for this and makes the process of creating your sales funnel super easy. There are a variety of templates and examples of funnels that you can use to get customers.

If you want Clickfunnel creator and his team to guide you step-by-step through the process of creating your offer, check out the One Funnel Away Challenge, I am still amazed by all the value they give for only $100.

6. Start a dropshipping business

how to make money with clickfunnels - 2

If you are not familiar with the dropshipping model, it basically means you offer something for sale but don’t actually have a physical inventory of the item. Instead, you fulfill the order by buying it to another cheaper supplier (usually in China) and having it shipped to the customer’s address. The profit is in the difference between the price you buy it and the price you sell it for.

Most people doing dropshipping tend to use Shopify as a platform which is a great option, it is cheap and easy to use. However, doing dropshipping using Clickfunnels for your landing pages can have some important advantages.

As the strategy behind any sales-funnel, Clickfunnels allows you to take your customer on a journey from potential customer to low-ticket buyer and, ultimately, to high-ticket life-long loyal customer.

The native features of Clickfunnels also allow you to A/B test and add up-sells and down-sells with just a click. This is key to optimize your sales funnel and increase the value of your average sale and in consequence, your profits.

7. Become a Clickfunnels Affiliate

If you haven’t heard yet, Clickfunnels has one of the most popular affiliate programs and is not in vain. Besides having a great commission rate (20%-40% depending on the tier), they have a lifetime monthly recurring payment and several high-converting funnels to promote.

Here are some great ways you can promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate and start growing your monthly commissions.

Share Funnels

Share Funnel function inside Clickfunnels

To be honest, I am surprised no other company has copied Clickfunnels’ shared funnel functionality for how good it is. Shared funnels allow you to share any funnel or template you have in your account through a link so the recipient can automatically copy it to their account.

The point is to share funnels that will give some added value whether it is n terms of design, copy or a tested sales funnel that legitimately helped your business.

The beauty of this feature is that the link contains your affiliate id so if the person on the receiving end does not have a Clickfunnel account, they will have the chance to join at that moment and you will start receiving commissions from their Clickfunnels membership.

The best way to go about sharing your funnels is to find out where people on your niche is ‘hanging’. Think of Facebook groups, LinkedIn, forums, etc. Go on the posts and discussions and start engaging with them to see if they’d benefit from your funnel. A genuine desire to help them and not just ‘sell to them’ will go a long way.

Note: If you remember some of the previous strategies, you can also implement share funnels when designing or writing funnels for clients, this way you will not only be paid for your service but you will get the affiliate commission on top of that.

8. Use Youtube to show how Clickfunnels can solve a problem

As we have seen in the previous point, there are a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs who can use Clickfunnels to improve their business. Besides building, writing and making templates for them, you can also teach them how to do it themselves.

Using Youtube you can reach and help a much bigger audience than by helping people one on one.

For this strategy, you should first pick a niche than you want to serve. Since you are just beginning you might want to choose a niche that is not too competitive but where there is still enough people interested.

Once you have picked your niche you can go ahead and start creating content to help with different problems in the business. You want to frame them in a way that you are focusing on the solution and just mentioning the software as one resource you are using (and not the other way)

You can then place a share funnel link in the video description for them to implement the same strategy.

9. Give away free books

If someone is good at creating sales funnels, that is Russel Brunson. As a new affiliate, you will have access to promote some of Clickfunnels ‘front-end’ offers which are three of Russell’s books.

Customers only pay for shipping so you won’t be making much on those commissions. However, once they sign-up to get their free ebook, Clickfunnels does a great job of building a relationship with them and offer them other products including the software.

If someone entered one of Clickfunnels —funnels— through your referral, you will continue to receive commissions on all Clickfunnels products they buy.

10. Promote the One Funnel Away Challenge

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a Clickfunnel’s signature training. It’s 30 days of intensive teachings by Clickfunnel’s experts.

Its whole premise is that you are only ‘One Funnel Away From’…creating a business, becoming profitable, being financially free, getting out of debt…or whatever your goals are for having an online business.

The training provides an amazing amount of value for only $100 and you get to keep 100% of the commissions. What’s more important is that, once people go through the training, they are ready and capable to use Clickfunnels to create a profitable business so they are most likely to use the software.

But if you really want to increase conversions when offering the One Funnel Away Challenge then you’ll want to create a bridge page for it.  This enables you to collect email addresses of your prospective buyers, follow up with them and include a space to offer some bonuses to differentiate yourself.

This offer works great for people who are already familiar with Clickfunnels or at least the concept of funnels. You can also offer it to other audiences but you are gonna have to begin by explaining to them how Clickfunnels work, how it can help their business and then offer the challenge as a tool for them to implement it.

How to become a Clickfunnels Affiliate?

If you want t to become a Clickfunnel Affiliate after March 2020, you need to have either
a. Joined the One Funnel Away Challenge
b. Have sold over 10K on affiliate commissions.

This is to make sure you are prepared to succeed in your affiliate marketing endeavors and won’t be spamming groups with your link. it is a pretty good deal in my opinion since that training alone is worth thousands.

Where to find traffic or clients for your offers?

You might be thinking ‘well that all sounds great but where am I going to find people interested in getting a funnel built or reading one of Russell’s books?

Truth is, nowadays people everywhere are looking for ways to start and grow their own business. The internet has made it possible for anyone to start a company for a few hundred dollars and every company and entrepreneur out there could benefit from using a funnel.

Some of the places where you can implement these strategies are:

Networking Groups: People are already hanging here, networking and looking for help. This goes for Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.
Freelance Platforms: Some are less competitive than others but you can still find clients in places like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.
Paid Ads: If you have more money and time to invest, you can try paid advertisements in Google or Facebook Ads. However, if you are new to paid ads, be aware you’ll need to invest at least $500 to test and optimize your ads.


As you have seen, there are lots of ways to make money with Clickfunnels and you can even tweak them and improve them based on your own creativity and the niche you decide to work with.

Whether it is creating your own product or selling affiliate offers, Clickfunnels can help optimize your customer’s journey, increasing your profits and long term strategy.

If you want to learn more about Clickfunnels the best training is the One Funnel Away Challenge which also gives you access to the Affiliate Bootcamp.

And as Russell would say…you are just One Funnel Away!

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