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147 Catchy Headlines / Blog Titles To Claim Your Readers Attention

Are you looking to improve your headline copy game? If you are creating blog posts consistently, you might struggle coming up with interesting headlines that get your audience’s attention and make them want to read the rest.

Statistics say that, in average, 8 out of 10 people will read the headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.

The power to get more clicks, readers and loyal followers is in your headlines. Failling to write an attention-grabing headline can cut back on the effectiveness of your articles…no pressure.

So, how to write catchy headlines every time no matter how many posts you write?

Pay attention to this article and the proven formulas we will share and never worry your headline is not good enough ever again!

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Why are catchy headlines important?

catchy headlines

A good headline does not only make your article more interest but it is also key to the growth and profitability of your blog. Here are some reasons why:

  • It increases your CTR: A good CTR tells google people like your article giving you more chances to improve your rankings and get more eyes on it.
  • It shows your blog personality: When visiting your blog people will probably read a few of your headlines and they will get an idea of the type of blogger you are. You can tell by looking at just the headlines of Buzzfeed vs. Forbes that they are completely different styles.
  • More readers = more subscribers = more customers. If you have your blog’s sales funnel in place you know that you can not get any profits without readers so that’s where you should focus on first.

What makes a catchy headline?

Using eye catching words

This one might be a bit obvious but you only got a few seconds to get your reader’s attention so if you can begin your headline with attention-grabbing words like top, best, free, sale, etc. you can improve your chances of them reading the rest and clicking on it.

Of course, use these only when they are relevant and true to the nature of the article, you don’t want them clicking and bouncing off right away if they don’t find what was promised.

Using numbers

People like headlines with numbers because it gives the article a finite sense and they know what to expect if they decide to read it. Studies show that headlines with numbers can generate up to 73% more social shares and engagement.

Odd numbers and especially the number 7 are especially enticing for visitors. In the same way, long list posts with over 100 items get the most shares and backlinks since they are since as an ultimate list.

Making your headline specific to your audience

If you know your audience well, you can be writing about a common topic but making it unique to their specific needs and problems.

In the same way as you don’t want your blog niche and articles to be too broad, you want your target audience to know you are talking to them and only them.

Let’s say you are writing about “London Travel Tips”, you can make your headline specific by making it:

  • London Travel Tips For First-Timers
  • London Travel Tips For Women
  • London Travel Tips For Couples
  • London Travel Tips For Families With Toodles

Not to mention, you’ll have a much higher chance to rank for those long-term keywords than for a generic one.

Creating a sense of urgency

As a copywriter myself, I used to avoid using this technique since I found it too “clickbaity” and “salesy”.

But the truth is, readers don’t see it that way and they actually feel more compelled to read your article when there is something they can miss otherwise. Whether that is an amazing deal or the chance to turn their problems around.

You do not need to use clickbaity language like “now or never” or “You will regret not reading this” (although those might work).

Alternatively, you can create a sense of urgency by communicating the value they will get from the article so that they don’t want to miss out on what’s on the other side.

Here are some examples:

  • 4 Steps I Followed To Get My First Online Sale (And How You Can Do It in 72 Hours)

  • I Was Broke And Homeless Last Year And Now I Make 6 Figures/Month (Learn How)

Naming your readers

Using the word “you” and addressing your audience directly is a known technique to catch your reader’s attention.

But additionally, you can call them out in a more powerful way by addressing them based on their qualities and making the headline about them. Here are some examples:

  • Instagram Influencers: 5 Ways To Land Your Ideal Sponsorship
  • TikTok Fans: Make Money While You Learn The Latest Choreographies

 Using emotion 

Words that convey emotion are often referred to as “power words” since emotions are a powerful tool to get your readers engaged.

There are as many power words as human emotions but here are some examples of some emotion-conveying words you could use to attract and inspire your visitors.


“Power words” can have a bad reputation for deceiving customers, when wrongly used, but if you can use them and stay true to your article then by all means do so.

Catchy headlines ideas and templates

Are you ready? Behold, the greatest collection of high-converting templates that will get you more attention and clicks!

catchy headlines

Problem Solving Headlines

Most of your article are going to solve your audience’s problems one way or another so focusing on that is a great way to get their attention

1. How To Get Rid Of [problem]
2. Get rid of [problem] in [x] steps
2. [Problem]? Here’s How to Fix It
4. The Last Solution you’ll ever need for [problem]
5. How [niche] experts solve [problem]
6. The Best Ever Formula to ____

How-to Headlines

How to headlines are a classic and you can’t really go wrong with them as long as your article delivers the desired result.

They don’t even necessarily need to start with the words “how to” to be a how to headline.

7. How to [Result] in [Timeframe] Without [Thing You Hate Doing]
8.[Number] Quick Tips to Getting Easy [Result]
9. Discover How You To [Desired Outcome] in [Timeframe]
10. [Number] Hacks to [DesiredOutcome]
11. [Number] Ways to Dominate [DesiredOutcome]
12. [Number] Beginner Strategies to [Desired Outcome]

Big change headlines

Changing for the better is always good and your readers will appreciate the chance to switch some aspects of their lives in order to see improvements Here are some of these catchy headline examples:

12. Stop [old way] and Try [solution] Instead
13. [Number] New Techniques to become [Desired Outcome]
14. Why [old way]? When You Can [proposed way]
15. Rethink the Way You [activity] for [desired outcome]
16. [Number] Changes for a Better [desired outcome]

Mistakes headlines

Mistakes are part of life but that doesn’t mean we are happy to make them. Offering your readers a chance to avoid some costly mistakes in whatever task they are embarking on will certainly spark their interest.

17. The [Number] Biggest Mistakes You Can Use When [Action]
18. [Number] Things That All [Specific Audience] Shouldn’t Do
19. Beginners Mistake to Avoid when [action]
20. [Number] Mistakes I Made When [Action] And How To Avoid Them
21. This Mistake Can Ruin Your [Action]

Question Headlines

Making a question in your headlines makes people automatically come up with an answer. At that point, they have already made a micro commitment so they are more likely to continue to engage.

22. Do you want [Desired Outcome]?
23. Did You Know [Unkown Fact]?
24. There are [number] ways to do [action]. Which one do you use?
25. Do you like free [solution]?
26. Are you willing to [action] for [desired outcome]?

Results Headlines

If there is something that can entice people to click in your article is results. Take a look at the following examples and think of how many times you have clicked on an article just because of the results it promised!

27. How to Create the Perfect [desired outcome]
28. Get The [desired outcome] of your dreams in no time
29. How I [verb] [desired outcome] and you can too
30. How To Even If You Have Tried Everything Before.
31. Get [desired outcome] and Never Worry About [problem] Again
32. How To [desired outcome] Like An Expert/ Pro
33. Want To [desired outcome]? Now You Can!

Finality Headlines

Words like ultimate, best, exclusive, only, guaranteed can certainly get you a good click-through rate. If you have created an article that is worthy of such statements, then don’t be afraid to call it so and prepare yourself to welcome some new readers.

34. The Ultimate Guide To [Topic]
35. The Last [Topic] You’ll Ever Need
36. What Every [audience] Should Know On [Topic]
37. [Topic]: What You Wish You Would Have Know Before Starting
38. The Definitive Guide To [Topic]
39. Every Advice Ever Written on [Topic]

List Headlines

If you have written a list article (a.k.a. “listicle”) or other type of numbered guide, you can definitely take advantage of it to get a great ranking and click-through rate.

This type of articles work great with an emotional description to balance the logical aspect.

40. [Number] Rules To Create [adjective] [item]
41. [Number] Secrets For The Most [adjective] [item]
42. [Number] Steps To Simplify Your [action]
43. [Number] Secrets To Achieve [adjective] [item]
44. Top/Best [Number] Hacks To Your [adjective] [result]

Science-based headlines

Nowadays it is really hard to know what to believe and what not when it comes to online information. This is why articles that include proven facts or scientific research create immediate trust with your readers.

If you have done a proper research and are quoting your source in the article, this type of headlines can increase the attractiveness of your post.

45. Definitive Proof That _____ Are _____
46. The Science Of _____: How To _____
47. [#] Proven Ways To _____
48. [#] Science-based Steps To [result]
49. [#] _____ That Are Proven To _____ (research included)
50. [#] Facts About _____according to scientists
51. Study reveals the best way to [result]
52. What [#] Doctors Say About _____
53. WHat X years of research say about [topic]
54. [Number] Statistic About [Topic] And Why They Matter
55. [Number] Predictions About [Topic]
56. The Guaranteed Method To[desired outcome]
57. [Number] Time-tested Formulas for [result]
58. The Science of [Topic] and How to [result]

Drama Headlines

Drama sells, or in this case, drama gets clicks. It is is a reason why soap operas and reality shows are so popular.

But don’t worry, we don’t want to go to those extremes, but adding a does of controversy or conflict in your headline can definitely intrigue viewers making them want to know what the fuss is all about.

59. You Think You Know What [Topic] Is?
60. How to Handle Your [Topic] When It Backfires
61. Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You About [Topic]
62. Every [Man/Woman] Is Talking About [Topic]
63. Don’t Waste Your Time [Action]
64. [Number] Reason Why You Should Never [action]
65. Ways to Avoid Becoming a [undesirable outcome]
66. Don’t [action] Before Reading This.
67. Are You Still [action]?
68. What The [niche] Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know
69. [number] Questions You Have yourself before [action].

Experience Headlines

People like learning from others who have been through the same and have accumulated some valuable hands-on knowledge.

You can be an expert in your field or even a beginner your self. As long as you have some valuable lessons to share, your readers will be interested in them.

70. [Number] Lessons I Learned About [topic]
71. What I Learned From [topic] after [number] years
72. How To [topic]: My [adjective] Advice To [result]
73. I Don’t Regret [action]. But Here’s What I’d Do Differently.
74. The Article I Wish I had When [action]
75. The Best [result] I’ve Ever Gotten
77. How I achieved [desired result] and you can too
78. The #1 Trick That Helped Me [Result]
79. I used to struggle with [problem], I am now [solution] 
80. How I Found A _____ Way To _____

Unappealing Headlines

There is no doubt that positive headlines can get some attention but, on the other side, using a headline that suggests a slight challenge/ discomfort can stand from the rest.

They make your reader take a second look and think “That is one honest headline, these people sure take some risks.” (Or something along those lines)

81. [Number] Strange but Efficient Ways to [desired outcome]
82. [number] Weird Ways to Increase Your [results]
83. Boring Tactics For [Desired Outcome]
84. Unconventional Strategies For [Desired Outcome]
85. The Strange Process That Got Me [result]

Secrets Headlines

Secrets are inherently enticing and as an expert in your field, you have knowledge that your audience doesn’t and can offer them an insider perspective that they otherwise wouldn’t get.

The word “secrets” and other similar ones are used lightly when it comes to headlines but it still manages to capture readers attention and get them to click.

86. [Number] Facts About [Topic] Should Know
87. [Number] Things You Didn’t Know About [Topic]
88. [Number] Secrets To [Desired Outcome]
89.[Number] Little Know Facts About [Topic]
90. The Secret Key To [result] No One Is Using!
91. What Nobody Tells You About [Topic]
92. What Most Experts Won’t Tell You About [Topic]
93. [Number] Myths You Need To Ignore
94. This Secret About [Topic] Will Give You An Unfair Advantage
95. The Truth behind [Topic]
95. How to Unlock Your [desired outcome]
96. [Number] Secrets to Learning [Topic]
97. Behind The Scenes on [Topic]
98. An Insider’s Look At [Topic]
99. [Number] Unspoken Rules About [Topic]

A Without B Headlines

This type of headlines basically say “get this awesome result without doing this thing you hate”. And they are prove that everybody would rather get their desired outcome wihtou going tha heard or typical route.

They can be a great way to lure your readers in but just make sure you are actually delivering on both the result and the process. Otherwise, your readers will feel cheated.

100. Create a profitable business without any investment
101. Lose Your Belly Fat Without Dieting
102. Get More Clients Without Prospecting

You don’t have to use this exact wording, the point is to convey a sense of reward without the associated struggle. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

103. How To Get More Money While Working Less
104. This Trick Grows Your Business While You Sleep
105. The Best Gifts That Won’t Cost Your Entire Paycheck

We Need To Talk Headlines

Nobody likes to receive the “we need to talk” message but it certainly gets your attention like nothing else.

The ideal point with these type of headlines is to not be so vague that they don’t know what they’ll get from the article but neither so specific that they feel there’s nothing else to see.

106. We Need to Talk About [Topic]. It’s a Game Changer.
107. We Need to Talk About [Topic]. It’s a [Controversial Statement].
108. We Need to Talk About [topic]. It’s Worst Than You Thought.
109. We Need to Talk About [topic]. You Can Hide It Anymore
110. We Need to Talk About [topic]. You Will Thank Us.

Urgency Headlines

As mentioned before, adding urgency to your headlines can definitely make your article stand out from the rest and give your readers a reason to click on it

You can do this by including phrases like “must know” or “right now” while touching on time-sensitive topics like productivity and finances.

111. [Number] Ways You are Losing Money Every Day
112. Make Money Instantly With This Simple Trick 
113. Stop Wasting Your Time [action]. Do This Instead
114. [Number][Industry] Hacks That Will Change Your Business Today
115. Why You Desperately Need To Change [action]

Best Of Headlines

“Best” is just a way of describing this type of headlines since you want to choose a not-so-common adjective to spark your readers’ interest.

Since you won’t be claiming something is the actual “best” but the most “important” or “eco-friendly”, it is easier to actually deliver on the article but it’s still a good idea to have some data to back up your claim.

116. Most Useful Products For [audience]
117. Most Underrated [object] You Can Buy At [Store]
118. Top Eco-Friendly Brands For [product]
119. Most Interesting Fact I Learned About [topic]

Like The Experts Headline

Who wouldn’t want to accomplish something exactly like the best in their industry? This is why this type of headlines have the power of capturing your audience interest by using the prestige of someone they probably know and admire.

Pick a name that is well known to your target audience and make sure their acomplishments as well as they process you are describing are accurate.

120. How Fast Track Your Start-Up The Elon Musk Style
121. How To Build A Brand People Love Like Steve Jobs
122. How To Write a Blog Like Seth Godin
123. How To Write Headlines Like David Ogilvy
124. How To Skateboard Like Tony Hawk

Undesired Result Headlines

Most people are constantly wondering if they are going down the right path and why does everybody but them seem to know what they are doing.

The point, we are never 100% sure if we are doing something right and we are always looking for reassurance. By mentioning something most of your target audience does and suggesting it may cause an undesired result, you will get their attention.

125. Is Your Credit Card Making You Poor?
126. Is Your Relationship Making You Lonely?
127. Is Your Phone Making You Sick?
128. Is Your Diet Making You Fat?

About You Headlines

Have you ever found yourself checking the results of a quiz you never really cared about? That is because all us humans have a high dose of self-obession. We like to know and talk about ourselves.

Whatever the motivation is, using a headline that speaks directly to this need of your audience can definitely get them interested in what you have to say…about them.

129. [Number] Facts Owning a Business Reveal About You
130. [Number] Secrets Your Favorite Perfume Says About You
131. What The Way You [action] Says About You
132. Choose One Of These [objects] And Learn What It Says About You
133. This Quiz Reveals 4 Important Facts About Your Future

Do This Headlines

Create a headline giving your audience an specific command. Do not feel weird about it, after all, you are the expert and want the best for them so that is where your direction is coming from.

You can include an inmediate results they will get from it but don’t reveal too much so they are intrigued to find out why you are so sure about this command.

134. Book Your Vacations Now, This Deal Will Never Happen Again
135. Let Your Toxic Friend Go, You Know Who We Are Talking About
136. You Need To Change Your Morning Routine, Trust Me
137. Stop Wasting Time On Social Media, Here’s How
138. Throw Your Old Mattress, You Need This One

News Headlines

Logically, these type of headline are meant to be used when you are legitimately talking about a recent development or a new way of doing things in your industry, that can that make a difference in your audience’s life.

139. Finally, The New [product] Hits the Stores
140. Introducing The Latest Development in [industry]
141. Top [niche] Trends Of The Last 6 Months
142. Are You Ready? The New [product] Is About To Change Your Business
143. Yes! The New [product] Is Here

Bonus Headlines

You know how we talked about headlines with numbers were great at getting attention and also shares? In a similar way, headlines that use parenthesis or square brackets stand out from the rest making people click on them

144. [Industry] Strategy that Gets You Results [Step-by-Step]
145. How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog [Beginners Friendly]
146. How Sales Funnels Really Work [Infographic]
147. How To Launch Your First Online Course [Free e-book]

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Catchy Headlines Takeaway

As you can see, there are many ways to create attention-grabbing headlines so you don’t have to write two similar ones ever again.

The more you practice and write, it’ll get easier for you to create headlines that will attract and work for your specific audience.

More importantly, observing and analysis factors like your click through rate and how many social shares your articles got, can tell you a lot about what is working for your industry so make sure to check your statistics!

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